Joy Reid has egg on her face

DC- Joy Reid Says She Was Wrong To Attack National Review.

Several journalists and liberal activists criticized National Review author David French for allegedly consoling conservatives that if there was an attack on a U.S. city, at least only liberals would die.

The outrage obscured the fact that National Review never mentioned anything about politics, and hardly could be interpreted as consolation to conservatives.

The firestorm started after Newsweek posted a write-up of French’s article claiming the conservative National Review “is telling its readers not to worry about a potential nuclear strike because they live in America’s suburbs and countryside.” That article was reposted by Raw Story, which then made the rounds through liberal Twitter.

MSNBC host Joy-Ann Reid found the Newsweek post and expanded the accusations, summarizing French’s thesis with a fabricated quote to her 1 million followers.  more here

15 Comments on Joy Reid has egg on her face

  1. Purveyors of fake news are falling for their confederates’ fake news. They are spiraling down into a fake news black hole.

  2. She decided not to call him a closet homosexual, and only just a racist.

    I don’t know if that’s evolving or devolving.

  3. Links to Newsweek and Raw Story, but none to Conservative Review. My how the alleged conservative has fallen in the world. I took them off my favorite’s bar years ago after so many here expressed their hatred of NR.

    Still, lefty echo chamber not only generates fake news but makes it worse with each re-post. If there’s worse than fake then the left will sink to it.

  4. @Doug – good point. This is what happens when you get your news from only MSM LibTard sources. The entire MSM is just a LeftWing echo chamber, endlessly repeating each others vicious lies about us Conservatarians.

  5. If she is competing for nastiest bint on MSLSD, I mean NBC, Katy Tur already has that honor, imo. Joy will never be anything but second best.

  6. Give her a break….she did write “We have truly entered the age of insanity” and she’s leading the way….


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