Just quietly being a great president

Thank you president Donald Trump.

Almost 5,000 Somalis to Be Deported

an estimated 4,801 Somali nationals are facing final orders of removal from the country.

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  1. Speaking as someone who lives in a city with a Mayor who is flooding this place with Somalis, let me just say YAY!

    Though I’m sure Mayor Minor is beside herself with grief. She relies on all the Federal $$ that comes with these so-called “refugees.” But I for one will be happy to see these people leave before Syracuse becomes Little Mogadishu.

  2. Surely there will be Sanctuary Cities here, begging the Somalis to come and culturally enrich their neighborhoods with vibrance.


    Shocking, to say the least.

  3. “How are they removed? Commercial flights?”

    They put on a derelict tanker laden with explosives and set adrift in the Gulf of Aden to serve as pirate bait.

    Well, that’s how I would do it, anyway.

  4. About time. Sick of seeing those skinny-ass people with big heads here in Minnesota. None of them work. All live on welfare. Let ’em go back to their country and see what benefits they get there.

  5. Good. Make our meat packing plants Somali-free again! I have a friend whose husband worked at a Tyson plant in the Midwest with those savages and due to the gross things I heard goes on there I will never knowingly buy Tyson chicken products again.

    I have this post & the one about VP People center staring down the CNN hack linked in today’s #TrumpDay post at my place, where you can read all about the moonbat environMENTAList anti-Trump concert series.

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