Kent State Gets Mocked For Creating “Safe Spaces”

Nothing like a good mocking to teach a lesson to today’s college student. At Kent State this last week, student members of Turning Point USA donned diapers, pacifiers, and created their own safe spaces behind baby barriers. The demonstration was assisted by Young Americans For Liberty.

The show of support by leftist students on campus was as to be expected from those wanting to turn our campuses into indoctrination camps.


8 Comments on Kent State Gets Mocked For Creating “Safe Spaces”

  1. Damn! I live about 5 minutes away from KSU. Had I known this, I would have ventured over there and joined these good folks. This is outrageously FUNNY!!!! :^) Just glad to see some conservatives popping up at KSU. Too many wack-job liberals loose over there. I see these loons protesting every so often in a small park in the middle of town when I drive through there.

  2. –“I’M OFFENDED!”
    –Safe spaces
    –Sensitivity training

    ALL of these things are because liberals don’t know how to think, and defend their position.
    They aren’t about thought and debate, (because they can’t) they are about shutting down the source of their discontent.

    In other words, Fascism.

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