LA County considering paying residents to house the homeless

KFI: If a pilot program is approved by the L.A. County Board of Supervisors, some L.A. County homeowners could qualify for up to a $75,000 subsidy to build a second “home” in their property to house homeless people.

The program was introduced last year, as part of the county’s list of 47 strategies to house the homeless. Homeowners who build a second dwelling in areas zoned for such structures could get up to $75,000 toward a loan, and those who already have a second dwelling could get up to $50,000 for remodeling and legalizing them.


23 Comments on LA County considering paying residents to house the homeless

  1. build a house in California for $70k in your back yard, really? who pays the rent, county and state real estate taxes, the utilities, the cable TV, the central air conditioning, the upkeep, what are the required square feet, and so on? Does the state own the dwelling?

  2. Who pays for furnishing the dwelling? What size smart TV will be required? What about the bedding, will a cardboard box in the bedroom be OK or will the state require 500 thread count fair trade sheets on a sleep number king size bed?

  3. House what ?? MS-13 ? ISIS ? A woman with 6 kids with six different last names and ‘visitors’ every half hour ?
    Time to start a homeowners association quick and I hate those damn ‘mind my neighbor’s business’ groups.

  4. This is how they will hide the illegals. lol.
    BTW, do these homeowners who sign up for the program have mental health degrees or skills? Are they experts at drug abuse counseling? Who is responsible for their ‘meetings’ and reporting to their parole officer? Will they tell the home owner if the homeless person has a rap sheet? What happens if child #4 of 5 gets hurt on the property and mama of 5 wants to sue?

  5. Here’s another- What if homeless person’s kids attack home owner’s child/children like the muslims attacked the little Twin Falls girl? Do they excuse the homeless kids because… homeless/minority du jour?

  6. Cate – It’s a game NY and CA like to play. Each year, they send a greyhound bus full of crazies to each other.
    NY sends them to The People’s Republic of Santa Monica and then CA sends a different group back. It’s called Bum-cycling.

  7. Bringing Psycho Bums into your own backyard… what could possibly go wrong?!?!
    Just ask Elizabeth Smart’s dad. Mr. Smart turned out to be Mr. Dumb.
    If they allow this to be done on any property withing 50 miles of children they’re going to have blood on their hands.

  8. Wonder how long before it becomes “mandatory?” Got a family of four but live in a five bedroom house? It’s only “fair” for you to house a poor, down-on-their-luck, destitute (probably illegal) person! 🙁

  9. It sounds enough removed from reality, it is probably a “quick fix” from a idiotic politician.

    LA will become wall-to-wall squalor, they will have to quadruple the size of the police force to handle complaints and homicides.

  10. I heard about this on KFI a little while ago. First thing I thought was, “Are you kidding, the building permits alone will cost $75G, even if you built a shed on a non-permanent moveable skiff.” And let’s not forget the environmental impact $tudies to determine if your beloved local mosquitoes will survive.

  11. Why do you think people are homeless?

    A few fell on hard times…

    However, the vast majority have some mental illness, illicit drug addiction, alcoholism, are lazy and have chosen to be homeless, they are the victims of violence and abuse, engage in criminal activities, or simply have terrible people and coping skills.

    So, you’re going to put them in your backyard? That right there is an epic fail.

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