Last Place CNN Had Terrible 2017

Big Journalism; The ratings results are in for the full year of 2017 and show that CNN not only came in last place, but that the left-wing network’s primetime viewership eroded by double digits — even as second place MSNBC soared, and ratings champ Fox News held tight.

Fox had an extraordinary year, its second in a row where its total viewers beat not just its left-wing competition in the form of MSNBC and CNN, but all of basic cable. Fox News was not only the number one basic cable channel; its average primetime viewership of 2.4 million was not far behind the Fox broadcast network’s average of 3.5 million.

By comparison, ABC, NBC, and CBS primetime earned 4.6 million, 6 million, and 6.3 million viewers, respectively.

But it is up against MSNBC and CNN, where Fox’s ongoing dominance is most striking. The reasons for this are obvious and will be explained below.

10 Comments on Last Place CNN Had Terrible 2017

  1. But sadly it does’t matter because they still get advertising and they have a world wide online presence that gets their BS stories out to everyone.

  2. Gee, I guess maybe bringing in Zucker wasn’t such a good move. Maybe it was all the second rate “journalists” that caused the problem or perhaps the single minded attempts to destroy Trump or any other actual conservative.

  3. FOX isn’t much better than CNN or MSNBC. They are still touting the Uniparty line, just with less Marxist bias than CNN or MSNBC.

    I prefer One America News network. More news, less propaganda.

  4. Thanks to whomever it was here that led me to OANN and Citizen Free Press. I don’t see much difference between chrissy wallace and chrissy matthews.

  5. CNN is only last if you compare them to a real news outlet that has the dignity to care about the truth and credibility! Now if we’re talking about a bought and paid for agenda-driven mouthpiece for propaganda, we’re talkin a whole nuther smoke here!


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