Latest Entry In the Pet Portrait Gallery

This is Guinness.

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(Christmas will be here before you know it. Contact me if you want to surprise someone with a portrait of man’s favorite family member!

10 Comments on Latest Entry In the Pet Portrait Gallery

  1. He looks exactly like my rescue Roscoe, right down to the intense stare. He is the strongest small dog I have ever seen, knows no fear. Has had his ass handed to him by the G.Danes across the street. Stitched back together, twice, he would be willing to go another round, should have named him Rocky.
    I wish he would leave the lizards alone though, he is an obsessed hunter who can climb trees. Caught him up the pear tree, stealing pears, only thing I have found he won’t eat is a banana.
    Being a rescue, we have no idea of his linage, would the owner of Guinness be willing to divulge, or know?

  2. Great job BFH. Love the angle of the original picture and you just give Guinness so much life and character.

    Guinness looks like a Miniature Pinscher (Min Pin). Wonderful breed, Love them and their spunk.Mine sure is full of it and has “that” intent look on his face when something has caught his eye,


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