Lefties Are Spreading This As If It Indicts Moore

The left paints Moore as a dumbphuck Alabaman that can’t string a coherent sentence together.

Take a look at this clip. I had no idea that the “dumb” Moore spoke another language. (Of course the brain-addled are saying this is proof of Russian collusion.)

Maybe it’s fake Russian gibberish. I’m still impressed with his authentic accent.

(Notice that the harpy that posted this made a spelling error in her rant about Moore being illiterate.)

17 Comments on Lefties Are Spreading This As If It Indicts Moore

  1. “He said that Russia was the focus of evil in the modern world.”

    No, dipshit, he said that the SOVIET UNION was the focus of evil.

    Sorry, Roy, you whiffed that fat pitch from a 27 year old.

  2. My mother married a Canadian when I was younger. Found out I could speak Canadian and didn’t even know it. And hey, I can see Canada from my porch.(TRUE)

  3. West Pointers are supposed to get themselves competent in a useful foreign language. Choices are subtly “encouraged” by Pentagon needs. When was it that Moore was at WP?

    (30 years from now some idiot will be wondering why my son, currently Apache pilot in Afghanistan) speaks fluent Farsi…

  4. Color me crazy but didn’t OBummer encourage Americans to learn foreign languages and, indeed, professed shame that he could not speak anything but English. So, obviously, and following Holly’s logic, Roy Moore is a deep democratic mole waiting for election to the senate to spring into full liberal action.

  5. I play the banjo.

    I can assure you this bitch would have neither the patience or skill to learn 5 string bluegrass banjo.


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