Lefties Hear What They Want To Hear

I’ve been spending a little time on Twitter battling knobhead leftists who insist Trump said “Mexicans are rapists.”

It’s fascinating.  When asked to provide proof of that Trump said this, they point to this quote-

“When Mexico sends it people, they’re not sending their best. They’re sending people that have lots of problems. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.”

No matter how many times you explain that this is Trump talking about border jumpers, many who are violent, have criminal records, are rapists, they insist “Trump said Mexicans are rapists.”

This is mental retardation, in the classic sense.

They can’t grasp the meaning when Trump says, “and some, I assume, are good people.”

A sharp person picks up on the sarcasm. Trump is saying that we shouldn’t be in the position to have to assume what kind of person is sneaking in. We have the right to pick and choose who gets the privilege of becoming an American citizen. A president has that duty to America’s citizenry, to protect us.

Still, the leftist hears what they want to hear.

Another pitfall of having to deal with a knobheaded leftist is when they suddenly hear racism because you used a particular word.

Chain migration, a term that’s been around long before Trump used it, has now been deemed racist, because of the word CHAIN.

Blacks were put in chains, so chain migration means slavery.

No, chain migration means what chain migration was developed to describe. See 30 second video below.

But DICK Durbin says it’s racist now, even though he’s on record using the term in the past.



So, according to DICK, these are some terms we can no longer use-

Chain store.  — A place where slaves work

Chain reaction.—-  A term describing how a slave can start behaving like a slave before him reacts, and so on an so on.

Chain drive. —  A mechanism in a car’s transmission that a slave owner drives.

Chain letter. — A letter passed amongst slave owners.

Chain-link fence.  — the fence put up to keep in slaves.

Chain of command.  — the hierarchy of a white supremacist organization.

Chain smoke. — Newports.

Chainsaw   —- The machinery used by slave owners to clear cut land to build a plantation.


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    It’s safe to assume NONE are good people, since they are ALL breaking and disrespecting our laws. How many “good” people break into your home to just help themselves to your resources?

  2. Dick Durbin. Durbin is pronounced exactly like Durban, a city in South Africa. South Africa practiced apartheid and treated blacks poorly. So I never want to hear anyone refer to Dick Durbin or hear Dick Durbin speak or see his name anywhere because it triggers memories of Durban, South Africa and South African repression of blacks.

    Wow, I can really get into this stupid liberal logic thingy.

  3. 🔅 Don’t try to understand liberal morals; they have none.🔅

    What is good for the advancement of the party, is what’s moral, and useful idiots will be thrown in the wood chipper, if that helps advance the party when they are done with them. (Trotsky)

    TRUMP MADE FUN OF A DISABLED PERSON has been totally DEBUNKED several times over, yet the self-deceptive liberal promotes it b/c, for the simple fact that it hurts Trump.

    Don’t try to reason with people purposefully being unreasonable. Counter-punch, then punch, and leave it at that.

  4. Some nitwit editor at NYT, Johnathan Weisman, tweeted this:

    “As journalists write about immigration policy, we need to take care not to slip into these loaded phrases. For decades, “chain migration” was known as “family-based migration system,” which allows members of families to sponsor relatives.”

    Only problem is, nobody has used the term “family-based migration system” in the past. Ever. Weismann just rewrote history, as leftists love to do.

  5. His last recruit “James Thomas Hodgkinson” didn’t pan out to well so he’s trying to get some leftwing nut all wee wee’d up and start shooting up the place. Show us your correspondence with him Dick!

    Maybe it will be Terry McCauliff?

  6. Ok Jonathan how about “Wretched refuse from teeming shores”? does it sound better coming from a socialist ?

  7. Poor Little Dick. A failed long seated Senator whose policies are responsible for the ShitHole that is Chicago. Him and obama. A self respecting person would shrink into the shadows, out of the limelight.

    And this guy compared our troops to Nazis and Pol Pot.

    Poor little Dick. Too stupid to understand how stupid he is.

    Actually, I don’t believe that about little dick. He’s a sinister, devious, slimy, underhanded, double dealing, fork tongued, snake eyed, shrivel dick, constipated, hemorrhoid on the national buttocks.

  8. Aretha Franklin, you are on notice for your RACIST song–“Chain of Fools”
    Chain, chain, chain
    Chain, chain, chain
    Chain, chain, chain
    Chain of Fools!

  9. Aretha Franklin – Chain of Fools. Blacks allowing themselves to be slaves on the Democrat plantation. Oh… wait. Never mind.

  10. And they ignore anything their party doles out. Hillary called all Americans supporting Trump deplorable. And she refused to walk it back. No outrage. Trump says both sides have blame in NC and they hear I love the KKK. Proof you can’t deal with them, they aren’t rational.

  11. Can we just make American Shit Holes list?
    New Orleans
    Washington DC
    Lost Angeles
    Boston (southy like Dorchester)
    Las Vegas
    San Fransico

    Unlike Johnny Cash
    I have not been everywhere, man.
    An undeniable common denominator exists in the above.

    Parts of Naples,Italy
    Parts of Roma

    Shit holes exist everywhere

  12. ‘chain mail’? … the stuff knights put on before the armor plates?

    guess we’ll have to call ‘knights’ ‘nights’, as in ‘black nights’

    … so is ‘chain mail’ now considered ‘black mail’ ….. so confusing ….

  13. As Bill Burr would say: “The level of fucking arrogance that these people (libs) have is fucking, unfucking believable.”

  14. Snowflake: Oh My God, if Trump wins, Cher will move to Canada or Haiti.
    Burr: Who gives a fhuck? I didn’t know she was still here!
    That’s the only way to treat these asswipes. That includes. Cooper, Blitzer, Cuomo, Acosta and their fellow travelers.

  15. Tony. Ever hear about the home boy stranded on a desert Island?
    Yeah. He found the bottle and the Jenni granted him 2 wishes.
    He wished to return to the US and become a stud in the hood.
    He now lives in a snow tire on a truck in North Dakota.
    Careful what you wish for.

  16. If the GOP were smart the next press conference they hold (that includes some of the Republicans that were at the meeting where Trump is accused of referring to some asshole countries as well, asshole countries and a reporter asks about it they ought to just say “that Durbin is lying which should come no surprise as half the stuff he says is a lie” then brush it aside. Durbin’s head would explode and it’s almost a guarantee he’d do something stupid.

  17. Anybody paying attention to the massive federal coverup FISA-fraud treason? Uranium One treason? Soros-AntiFA terrorism?

    I am not distracted.

    Haiti IS a shithole. Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala, Veiniswella, Somalia, Pakistan, yep SHITHOLES. This is news to no one.

  18. If churches raise money to send people to your country to build a school you could build yourself, you might live in a shithole.

    If your country’s government prints pamphlets to teach you how to sneak into my country, you might live in a shithole.


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