Leftist “Comedian” Threatens To Start Killing “Old A$$ Conservative White Men”


iOTWreport is the only site that posted examples of Marcella Arguello’s stand up act. Other sites reported her tweet, but we did the research and slogged through videos of her act in order to shine a spotlight on what we considered to be subpar entertainment.

The videos, in less than 10 hours, have been removed from Youtube.

You’re welcome everybody.


This idiot, a Bill Nye show writer, deleted the tweet.


I watched a little of her comedy, and God is my witness I can judge someone’s talent apart from their politics, but this bint stinks on shaved ice.

It is horrendous-

And here she is in 2010 picking on a guy in the audience because he’s white and making fun of him because he has a good job.

She’s an ass-

43 Comments on Leftist “Comedian” Threatens To Start Killing “Old A$$ Conservative White Men”

  1. Is xhe the gem who thought up that jaunty little tune, ‘my sex junk’?
    Wouldn’t surprise me if it was xhem.
    (am I doin’ it right? lol)

  2. If a ton of young a$$
    people of color, gender and assorted mental illnesses
    have to die in order to get
    this country back on track
    then I’m willing to take that risk.

  3. I’m an “old ass conservative white man” and I keep a Colt .45 by the bed, an M1-Carbine at the back door, a 12 gauge on the freezer, and a S&W .38 in the Living Room – so – c’mon down and let’s discuss “gun control” … or death.

    Oh, yeah … bring a friend …

    izlamo delenda est …

  4. Fitting example of that which thinks it will inherit our country – but doesn’t understand that it will only be pried from our cold dead hands (Thanks to you Mr. Heston!)

  5. Envy, resentment, bitterness and self-loathing won’t go far as stand up material. Even if people can relate, it can’t be made consistently funny. Case in point, George Carlin toward the end.

  6. This is proof that not all incompetent, dull, unfunny people are Congressmen or Senators.
    She has a career path outside her failed attempt at comedy and doesn’t even realize it. She should call the DNC.

  7. Tim sounds like his call to “bring it on” is like a game of Clue.
    .45 by the bed,
    12 ga. Mossberg in the front room,
    .40 Sig Sauer in the vehicle
    .380 LCP as carry gun in the summer. Heavy stuff in one of two gun safes.
    I used to live in the Sacramento area for 4 years so I renamed my winter carry guy (not as easy to conceal) which is a Glock model 19 Bad Brad. When asked why I call it that I refer them to IOTW and tell them to figure it out.

  8. This “old ass conservative white man” is ready for you, bitch.

    I will take my chances with a jury of peers.

  9. All of them are cowards. Inciting unknown people to race murder because you are too much of a cunt to just do it yourself. Not pne of them will face a fit, armed, level-mannered “old white man” on the field of combat.

    Leftists are poltroons, cunts.

  10. I’m an old ass conservative white man and I will defend to the death her right to say that so an old ass conservative white man can blow her head clean off.

  11. 1. Bill Nye has paid writers? Who knew? I thought all that pretentious stupidity just flowed ad lib.

    2. I guess the photo is her attempt at “Antifa Chic”.

    3. We need an acronym for Angry Mulattoes.
    She’s not remotely Black. She’s so white she could swap makeup with Sarah Silverman. She’s lighter than the new Wonder Woman. See Shaun King and Rachel Dolezal for insider grooming secrets.

    4. Racial death threats? Shove her once and watch her sputter and cry.

  12. The videos are ‘private’, butI know I didn’t miss anything. Good job, BFH. You are truly amazing. Thank you.

  13. @BB, “Never go full Hi-Point.”
    LOL, when I worked at the gun shop we wouldn’t even work on them, much less sell it.
    People actually asked us to order one, nope, won’t do it.

  14. Not really interested in what an attention seeking wannabe edgy butch thmart-as-h*ll
    oooooo-you-better-be-scared-of-me-b*tch back up writer for a known fraud has to say.

    >Note to Chelsea Peretti: “i dont understand how comedians are held more accountable
    for their words than politicians”

    -Because civilized societies generally treat abusive, foul-mouthed social pariah this way. Get over it.

  15. Somewhere along the way they have forgotten that
    Old ass conservative White men built America.
    Those same old ass White people passed laws for freedom.
    White people also passed laws against slavery.
    White people also passed laws for affirmative action.
    White people also passed laws for Equal Employment Opportunity.
    White people also voted for the first Black President.
    and way back in 1945 a White man also recorded “The House I Live In” and he was hardly a racist: “all races and religions, that’s America to me”


    For some strange reason it is not Politically Correct to mention those facts!
    There is a subversive, divisionist movement afoot that uses these tactics to their full advantage and it´s not being done by our allies. It is one of the many faces of Americas enemies that is pushing this shit and that needs to be recognized!

  16. Leftist “Comedian” Threatens To Start Killing “Old A$$ Conservative White Men”

    Heh bitch, you might find yourself peering down the barrel of a gun when you go threatening to kill white conservative people who do not think like you. You better come prepared.

  17. “Chelsea Peretti would win the Ugliest Girl Beauty Contest.”

    Yike, now we know what Michael Phelps would look like as a Tranny.

  18. I would like to force my masculinist fist into her punchable feminist face. It would only take one

  19. “Don’t judge me, but I find Chelsea Peretti attractive…”

    Mr. Hat,
    Just cuz you’re attracted to the quantity of nickels that would fit into her nose (which would make you very wealthy, indeed), doesn’t, in and of itself, imply that she is, overall, attractive.

    izlamo delenda est …

  20. Twitter has a ton of people that list “comedian” in their bios, and they’re the bitterest, angriest people you’ll find. Worse than the average lib. Nothing remotely funny ever shows up on their TL, and their comments are just crass attacks they seem to think are witty. You need intelligence to be funny. And they don’t have it.

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