Let’s talk about who’s really a threat to a Free and Independent Press

Patriot Retort: You would think that the news that the Obama DOJ and FBI abused the FISA process to illegally spy on the Trump campaign and transition would be the biggest story ever.

But oddly enough, there is not a word of it at CNN’s main page.

Not one word.

And this got me thinking about the insipid Jeff Flake and his accusation that Donald Trump is a threat to a Free and Independent Press.


Well, Jeff. Let me clue you in.  more here

7 Comments on Let’s talk about who’s really a threat to a Free and Independent Press

  1. It goes a step further, Dianny. The enslaved press isn’t simply being un-free and un-independent, they ignore or, worse, actively belittle those on the web attempting to be a free and independent press. It is an adversarial relationship.

  2. Someone should grab Flake by his crooked friggin nose and hurl him over to Pakistan or whatever shithole will have him. Flake should be FORCED to comment on this news that the Press won’t cover

  3. It’s high time to start dealing with traitors. And we have a lot of them. when do we stop putting up with this shit? When do we start administering justice?

  4. Start hanging the press before politricians ?

    I’m sure we could work out a deal….might straighten the other out.


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