Lindsey Graham Drops Out of Presidential Race



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33 Comments on Lindsey Graham Drops Out of Presidential Race

  1. He was really never in the race.

    Now if he were to man up and drop out of the Senate, I’d be willing to pitch in to send him a bouquet of roses

  2. Poor soul never even made it to the starting gate. Lincoln said that “anyone could grow up to be President”. He should’ve added that not everyone should (Obama and Rod-Ham for example)!

  3. And in his announcement who does he reach out to? HILLARY!!!
    He also said he “hit a wall” when, in truth, he never even got within a hundred miles of the wall. Or maybe a guy with a Wall Plan hit him.

  4. “I’m not trying to hold out. I’m trying to make a difference. I think the best way for me to make a difference is to think about helping somebody else,” he said.

    I hope he helps Marco and Yeb! with his losing strategies.

    Trump responded: “Losers aren’t winners!”

  5. maybe graham and his side kick mccain will have time to attack the democrats as frequently as they have conservatives.

    Another hint, don’t use obama’s progressive talking points on national TV.

  6. he got blocked by the same wall everyone else had to go through, except he misread the sign and he’s been pushing with all his might to open the door.

    The sign says “pull” but… he can’t make it past the wall.


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