Lindsey wants to get the gang back together to prevent illegal alien deportations

DailyCaller: Lindsey Graham Reaching Out To Gang Of 8 Members For Bill To Block Deportations For Youths 

WASHINGTON — South Carolina Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham confirmed Thursday he is in the process of reaching out to former “Gang of Eight” members to help him craft legislation that would protect immigrants who illegally entered the country as children from deportation.

marco rubio and gang

Graham and other Gang of Eight members — Arizona Republican Sen. John McCain, Arizona Republican Sen. Jeff Flake, Florida Republican Sen. Marco Rubio, New York Democratic Sen. Chuck Schumer, Illinois Sen. Dick Durbin, New Jersey Democratic Sen. Bob Menendez, and Colorado Democratic Sen. Michael Bennet — crafted immigration legislation in 2013 that passed the Senate but was never taken up for a vote in the House.

Graham wants to replace President Barack Obama’s 2012 executive order that deferred deportation for about 750,000 young illegal immigrants and allowed them to get work permits.

“I hope members of Congress will say, ‘Listen, if we repeal the executive order the right thing to do — the thing that will make America great — is to deal with these kids humanely and fix this problem comprehensively,’” he told reporters.

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41 Comments on Lindsey wants to get the gang back together to prevent illegal alien deportations

  1. Scum, these GOPe guys are worse than the democrats because the won’t just admit they ARE democrats. The place to start draining the swamp is on the GOP side. Without getting these people out of “leadership” roles not much will happen.

  2. I’ll bet that Lindsay wants to keep the youth in the country although it’s more likely he wants to keep them in his basement.
    Black conservatives ought to attack this guy on the basis that if they legalize the youth and give them job permits the first and possibly only group that will be hurt will be black youth who’ll be undercut out of the market.

  3. Exactly why Obama has had the flood gates open to ‘children’. I’m guessing Rubio learned his lesson and will stay away from this gang of poor losers the 2nd time around. Why he ever allowed himself to be tied to Graham, McCain and Flake is beyond comprehension.

  4. Make all of Obama’s Executive orders null and void.
    Those illegal immigrants and refugees, who received preference over “legal” immigrants must face intense scrutiny and deportation.

    Thus far the only groups considered above the law are connected to Hillary, her staff, her Foundation, those who gained by her pay to play criminal enterprise, sanctuary cities, illegal immigrants, refugees and planned parenthood.

    Each must be dealt with based upon the “law” of the US and not political chicanery of socialist/democrat progressives and far left socialist RINOs. (that means you Lindsey).

  5. Hey Lindsey, how about we just enforce the immigration laws that are on the books already, no legislation required.

  6. “….deal with these kids humanely and fix this problem comprehensively…”

    Not a problem; load their asses on a non-stop bus and don’t stop until it gets to the south end of Panama.

  7. Ummm yeah, it worked so well for them the first time – double down and call it “comprehensive for the chirrlren” amnesty – way to go Grahmnesty. That lipstick still makes you look like a pig.

  8. Appoint Senator Graham ambassador to, I would say Libya but we are not democrats, oh, it would have to be somewhere ‘important’ enough so as to not be an insult but meaningless enough to fit Graham’s skill set. Hmmm Luxembourg!

    Then let the rest of the gang now there is an opening in Lichtenstein but if we have to keep playing this game the next offer is Tunisia.

  9. Surround her South Carolina home with homeless camps and put the contagious Syrian refugees all around her, then wall them in. Give her what she begs for, the
    Whore of Babylon.

  10. President Trump should ceremoniously give Lindsey a replacement phone,
    a pink one, that he can call him on to tell him to shut up and get lost.

  11. I don’t get how this Queen gets elected in SC.
    Gang of 8 really. Did you not hear the AMERICAN PEOPLE
    We need TERM LIMITS!!

  12. I blame the People of S. Carolina for continually reelecting this traitorous POS. This Bill of his should never ever have been brought up for a vote. 😡 Hopefully the real GOP will tell Limpsey where to stick his Bill.

  13. The more “humane” thing to do would be to anoint Graham “King” of the Rat-People and deport him with them to … well, anywhere but here …

    Quit allowing them in, to be exploited as pawns in this filthy, disingenuous way. Leave them in their rat-warrens where they happily live out their rat-lives, doing rat-things with other rat-people. We have no right to bring them here with NO CHANCE of assimilating – cursed, as they are, by their rat-ways.

    izlamo delenda est …

  14. If this dipshit manages to get the bill passed in both houses, it’d better be by a veto-proof majority, or DJT will have his first veto and it’ll be upheld–in fact it’ll be celebrated by the Prez’s supporters.
    One can only hope that Miss Lindsey’s name pops-up in some of the Pizzagate emails that Wikileaks releases in the future.

  15. RINOs……

    turning a great victory into “losering” again….

    Juan McShame and Fredo Graham…..just need to go away.

  16. Read somewhere that a whopping two thirds of the “Children” Obozo let in are not minors in any sense of the term.

  17. When the Pizzagate latest version starts being dissected in the Wikileaks documents, wonder if Lindsey is listed?? Inquiring Americans demand to know. I bet Graham has waltzed around the Maypole with a boy or two. Sick Whore!

  18. Lindsey Graham should be the poster man-girl for term limits. Way to many voters pull the lever on name recognition when they don’t know shit as to where the candidate votes in office. Here in Oregon we have two senators for life, Murkley and Wytry who will never lose until maybe their dead and the MSM voters will never get a clue as to why, and how badly, they suck.

  19. Do the native citizens in SC keep electing this POS, or is he kept in office by a bunch of liberal Yankees that moved south to take advantage of global warming?

  20. Lindsey G needs to live in a mexican neighborhood in Florida for a while. He would deport them quickly ……


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