Lions Owner Had To Sweeten Players With Deal To Stand For Anthem

DC: Detroit Lions Owner Martha Ford came up with a solution for the current player protests of the national anthem: offering donations.

Ford is offering her players both donations and her name towards their own philanthropic pursuits in exchange for the players not kneeling during the presentation of the national anthem, and it appears to be working, The Detroit Free Press reports.

“As a team, we came together, talked to Mrs. Ford, the owners, and we understand the issues for the most part, generally,” Lions running back Ameer Abdullah told reporters. “Me personally, I definitely want to be an aid in growing the social awareness in this country, that it is a race problem in this country.”

“We do dance around the topic a lot and Mrs. Ford has come forward and said that as long a we compromise as a team and unify and make a unified demonstration, she’ll back us financially,” he said. “So I’m definitely going to hold her to her word.”

Only two Lions players kneeled Sunday: linebackers Steven Longa and Jalen Reeves-Maybin.  more here

SNIP: So it’s been about Green, not Black?

29 Comments on Lions Owner Had To Sweeten Players With Deal To Stand For Anthem

  1. Black grievance shakedown.

    If the playahs care so deeply about this issue, why aren’t they coughing up the dough, and 25K towards communist cop killer causes doesn’t count.

  2. Fist full of dollars to do what should be done by the players out of respect for the Nation that provided them so much.

    “offering her players both donations and her name towards their own philanthropic pursuits in exchange for the players not kneeling”

    Could these bribes, I mean “donations” be made in the form of reparations?

  3. Fuck that!!!! These idjits get paid enough for playing a game, they can create philanthropic foundation whatevers out of their own pockets. But it’s the owner’s money and profits, they can throw it away however they wish. But this is NOT going to make me change my mind about NOT watching football.
    As for this whole “we gotta have a racial dialog” crap, I’ll have one with you AS SOON AS YOU acknowledge black-on-black violence, and set up one of your foundations to encourage and reward excellence in education at all levels. Other then that, I HATE to be lectured and scolded over things I didn’t do.
    So again, FUCK YOU!! And the pigskin you rode in on.

  4. Let me see … didn’t there used to be a name for this?

    Ex … extor … can’t seem to get it …

    izlamo delenda est …

  5. Sitting here, less than 10 miles from Detroit city limits. Years since I was in the city–stuff like this is one of the reasons why. “Big” businesses have relocated down there (for tax breaks) yet Detroit will NEVER survive. Murders, like its “Communist-Democrat” rule, go on and on. Without end. Ford is one of the “Elites”.

  6. I didn’t watch, but I heard on the news this morning that a few of the Chiefs sat out on the anthem last night. After Las Vegas, they should be totally ashamed of themselves. They won’t be, but they should.

  7. someone posted the phone number for Budwieser beer Co.

    Bud has a customer line, menu says press one for your opinion about NFL. I did it. It’s easy.


  8. Nice to see their principles have a price–and that price is other people’s money.

    Would love to see some heavy-hitter advertisers–Budweiser, car companies, etc.–pull advertising dollars from the NFL.

  9. Every one of you ingrates should be fired and the league should enforce it’s rules. I’m still boycotting the entire season. That includes playoff and the super bowl.

  10. Next weekend, when the NFL players start their bullshit, the PA announcers should say, “Let us all kneel for a moment to pray for the white people slain at the Vegas country music concert.”

    That’ll get ’em back ontheir feet

  11. If they were really serious about this they would take a knee during the game and sit it out completely, not just during the National Anthem.

  12. The NFL ownership that decides to side with their feral blacks are doomed. Normal Americans, including many blacks are not happy about the NFL retards.

  13. The NFL is playing games in Europe and adopting the European model of feeding the alligators so they won’t eat them. IOW, the NFL is inviting its own extinction.

  14. They certainly show gratitude for what this country has given them. Most would have wound up as a fry cook somewhere for 20 years.

  15. One solution of the problem: the first game the email down for, you don’t play in the game and you forfeit 100% of your salary. Second game server rules apply, but you forfeit 200% of your salary for the game and so on. There would be a whole lot of people standing up real fast!


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