LOLOLOL- Trump Holding His Own Awards Ceremony – Most Dishonest & Corrupt Media Awards

This is my kinda president.

25 Comments on LOLOLOL- Trump Holding His Own Awards Ceremony – Most Dishonest & Corrupt Media Awards

  1. What I love about it is none of them will be able to wear it as a badge of honor like us “Deplorables”.

  2. I can picture him at his desk, hits the send button, then leans back in his chair and laughs. Then it’s on to the next task. Let’s see……..Huma and Hillary and Comey, it’s time the DOJ launch an investigation. Our President is GREAT!!

  3. Spectacular!

    The Butthurt Awards. All of the recipients will triple quadruple down and will expose themselves as well deserving.

  4. I love his sense of humor and the way he gets even with these pricks. He seems to be enjoying himself immensely because I know I am!

  5. High Energy! Coming out of the gates running with enthusiasm for 2018. Democrats… Not so much.

    Praise God for Donald Trump. /Salute

  6. One urgent request Mr President. Do it LIVE. ON THE AIR.
    Twitter isn’t up to the job for this one. Let’m Have it.

  7. I’ll take a whack at being President Trump for this speech.

    “I have been maligned and misrepresented for the last year or more and I had been compiling a list of my media detractors during that time. Fortunately, some have since been FIRED or suspended since my list started, so Matt Lauer, Brian Ross….I’m going to give you a break tonight. Matt, try to control your wee wee in the future. And from what I hear, it’s not a penis. It’s a wee wee. “

    Aaaaand that’s why PHenry is not a presidential speech writer.

  8. And the winner of the category for “Network Most Hoping For Another Missing Airliner” is…

  9. Awards are funny things. Look at the questionable recipients of the Nobel Prize for example. It’s really just marketing. Take for example “The JD Powers Award” for, well, anything. I bet most people don’t know that JD Powers is simply a marketing company. The award is meaningless. The way it works is,
    1. You hire them to create a unique award title.
    2. You pay them to attach their name to it.
    3> they create the ad and buy the magazine advertising space.
    4. You pay for it.
    That’s it. Instant recognition for a prestigious award that means NOTHING.

    Best sweet scam in business today……. 🙂

  10. @Mickey Moussaiou.
    You’re right about phony awards, although this one is going to be spectacular.

    My fave is My Pillow winning an award from the national sleep foundation. Where do I go to get a job there? And if you oversleep and are late to work, is that grounds for firing or a reason for a promotion?

  11. LMAO I have always wondered about being a member of the “National Sleep Foundation.” Is that Congress? Or is the National Black Caucus, or the United States Senate?
    MY Pillow ads are worse than watching the Alaskan phony Brown Family, and Naked and Afraid and Dirty, WTF!

  12. He is just awesome the way he winds the prog assholes up. Many of them will likely die of a stroke before the next election.


    You need to check yourself into a hospital, cuz that was pretty damn hilarious as of course you all read it in his snarky tone of voice too I’m sure.

    Trump should get some suggestion from the internet to design the awards. That would be pretty funny too.

  14. This man is charting new paths. What can you say but wow. Plus he’s kickin ass all over the planet, golfing, creating an economy, shrinking government.

    rowan and martins Fickle Finger of Fate was good but Trumps Fake News Awards will be incredible. Libs heads will be exploding like popcorn in the pot.

  15. President Trump, in his Capt. Kirk voice.
    Honesty: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the mindship MAGA. Its eight-year mission: to explore strange new truths, to seek out new leaders and new patriots, to boldly go where no politician has gone before.

  16. I hope DJT creates a category for the billions-funded professional Environmental Industrial Complex.
    Sierra Club
    Tides Foundation
    Pew Environment Group
    Sea Shepherds
    Enviornmental Defense Fund
    Audubon Society
    Teddy Roosevelt Conservation Partnership
    CCA Coastal Conservation Association
    …the list goes on and on and on….


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