Makeup artist accuses Ben Affleck of groping her

Lefty political hopeful, Ben Affleck, seems to have all his aspirations going down in flames. Awwww.

Page Six: Hours after Ben Affleck apologized for grabbing actress Hilarie Burton’s breast back in 2003, another woman was accusing the actor of touching her inappropriately.

Makeup artist Annamarie Tendler, who’s married to former “Saturday Night Live” writer-turned-comedian John Mulaney, blasted Affleck, 45, for allegedly groping her at a party in 2014.


“I would also love to get an apology from Ben Affleck who grabbed my ass at a Golden Globes party in 2014,” Tendler tweeted Wednesday night.  MORE


SNIP: Forget the machines, popcorn is now falling from the sky.

21 Comments on Makeup artist accuses Ben Affleck of groping her

  1. Trump “talked” about what those people “DO” and they were the ones having grandmaul hissy fits about what Trump “talked” about doing.

    And now to listen to the elderstatmen like Forrest Gump talking about how bad the environment in Hollywood is all while trying to sound like he is the 3 in 1 monkey (he did not see it, did say it and did not hear it) when he gave $10,000 to a fund that defended a serial rapist called Bill Clinton!

    An actual reporter could have a field day if they did some actual reporting.

  2. I hope the Hollyweirds are eating themselves sick worrying about when the next victim will be coming outta the woodwork after decades of this kind of stuff! I’m pretty sure the lawyers are rubbing their hands in glee over this!

  3. Oh cry me a fucking river, Tender, whoever you are. Whoring yourself out to the whinge fest du jour may give you your allowed 15, but your ass, the one Affleck supposedly groped, is still over a decade late.

    Go away, just go away.

  4. Apologies all around.

    Earlier today, Kellyanne Conway tweeted something about how long it took Hillary Clinton to denounce Harvey Weinstein. She was quickly met with misogyny, age discrimination, and accusations of lesbianism by all-around Magical Negro Don Cheadle.

    I’ve seen no one ask him to denounce his patriarchal, ageist, homophobic comments yet.

  5. I’d have to see that ass before I rendered an opinion. He could have been drunk. She could have one of THOSE asses.

    Sometimes a slap is entirely worth it.

  6. It’s time Title IX came to Hollywood. It’s time the PC Police previously confined to college campuses graduate to sinking their teeth into every Executive Producer and Director and Studio head in Tinseltown.

  7. Women, if a guy does this also the he’ll out of him. If you have a male partner or family insist that they offer a challenge of honor. A good duel always works.

  8. You’re at a party half naked with people doing drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, looking for fights, looking to have pre-marital sex, and your virgin sensibilities are harmed by a little tush-grab.


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