Man divorces wife to be polyamorous

Wintery Knight:


Is atheism a rational worldview, or is it just rationalizing sexual misbehavior?

A while back, prominent atheist Dr. Richard Carrier explained how he was divorcing his wife – who supported him financially – in order to go polyamorous full-time.  MORE

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  1. Well, in my younger days, this was somewhat common for me, except not all parties involved gave me their consent because they didn’t know about each other. Heck, I was a young man. So sue me….

  2. Just for the record, polyamory seems to be a growing thing now with a lot of Millennials and Gen Xers, not all of whom are atheists. And there are a lot of atheists who have normal one-on-one relationships, both in and out of marriage. It’s a lifestyle choice, not a function of one’s religious beliefs.

  3. Atheism is a fraud. You can know there is a God because God could appear to you and prove his existence but you can’t know there is not God because that is unknowable. To “believe” there is no God is a lie. Theses stories by atheists are all bullshit.

  4. He makes a point in the dedication of his book to point out that she has big tits in the first line.

    Makes sense he did that cuz he sure didn’t marry her face….

    Google (or Bing as I do) some pics of Jen McCreight to see why.

  5. This guy is priceles , I’m gonna start getting laid now Ladies !
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  6. I want to see the court transcripts of this divorce trial. From what I have heard from men after divorce court, the man is guilty and will loose a lot unless the wife was a real piece of work. How much will Dr. Carrier have to give up? And I want to know from the feminists what they will do in this situation. Will they condemn him or hold him up as a true male feminist?

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