Man gets $128 ticket for heating up car in own driveway

ROSEVILLE, Mich. (WXYZ) – Did you know you could get fined for heating up your car? One man’s parking ticket has gone viral, with thousands of views after he was ticketed for heating up his car in his own driveway.

Taylor Trupiano says he’s still shaking his head over a parking ticket he got on his own property.

“I thought it was some kind of joke at first, and then I was thrown back by it,” he said. “I was really surprised.”

The ticket was for leaving the keys in the ignition with the motor running and no one around. Trupiano said he was only doing something many people in Michigan do during the winter.

“I was in and out in probably about 7-8 minutes,” he added. “So in that amount of time he ran up here, gave me a ticket and by the time I got out he was nowhere to be seen.”



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  1. Umm, I work for public works in a medium-sized Virginia town. We warm up all our trucks every day. Yes, longer in the winter. Common sense. The cops share our vehicle yard by Fleet and dos o too. I would have thought people from the frozen North do so too. Not everyone can afford auto starts and block heaters. Douche cop. I bet he’s not ticketing PW, bus drivers, or fellow cops.

  2. Oh, I thought the ticket was environazism-related…burning gas or something. The guy is getting a ticket for encouraging feral behavior.

    In Yosemite, you will get a ticket if rangers see food in your car. You will get a ticket if a bear breaks into your car due to food or fragrance inside. This is understandable. It is infuriating that we do this because of human behavior.

  3. I have a diesel pickup. No remote start. What I do is have two keys. I start up the Behemoth, get out, lock the door, go inside for a few mins until it has warmed up and then go out, unlock it, get in and roll coal.

    What this fascist PD up north is doing is coming up with ordinance after ordinance that normal-thinking human beings cannot comply with, just so they can generate more revenue for the municipality. The $128 cost is the proof of that. If they want to teach you a lesson, ding ’em for ten bucks. But if you want to generate bullshit revenue, gouge ’em for more than $1 Hundy.

  4. If it’s legal for him to eliminate trespassers with a rifle, then he was asleep on duty, so f’im. If it’s illegal for him to eliminate trespassers with a rifle, but he hasn’t eliminated “his” “controlling legal authority,” then f’im. So, I guess in a glimmer of hope for Michigan Democrats, in all ways, at all times, just f’im!

  5. If warming up a truck is illegal because of enticement to steal would that same rule append to young hot ladies because of incitement to leer!

  6. wonder if the insurance will be covered for someone stealing your car because you left it running in your driveway unlocked? It maybe cold outside but sit in the car while it warms up. the heater will kick in in a few moments.

  7. The cretan who issued the ticket was probably warming himself up in his own vehicle.It is OK for YOU to freeze, it is NOT OK got THEM to freeze.

  8. As a cop (in MI, no less), this is appalling. So, the police can now write tickets to people because what they are doing might lead to someone else committing a crime?

    That’s some messed up logic right there……

  9. Roseville Police Chief James Berlin, if you were doing your job the criminals would be too afraid to steal. Go investigate a real crime. And support right to carry and defending your property.

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