Man sees 5-ft tapeworm coming out of his body

“I really want to get treated for worms.”

You can click here to read about it.
(It involves Sushi)
I can’t go back there again.

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  1. How do they dispose of a five and a half foot long tapeworm? I wouldn’t flush it. Put it in a jar of formaldehyde or autoclave it to death. I may have to reconsider ever eating sushi again.

  2. Deliberately consuming uncooked animal flesh in a world filled with parasites and deadly germs.

    Darwin, Darwin, Darwin.

  3. I think it involved sashimi, raw fish. Not sushi, which is vinegared rice, that may or may not be made with sashimi.

    Several tourist came down with some kind of worms in their throat about a month after I moved to Hawaii in 1974. Which is why I never dared try it during the four years I lived there. Not until 20 years later long after returned to the mainland. But I limit sashimi to the type made from fast swimming ocean fish. No slow swimming freshwater fish sashimi.

  4. I thought it would be bigger around, like the size of your forearm with a mouth like Mooch. Looks like a LED strip light.
    Any one want salmon for dinner. Raw salmon for the next week.

  5. I worked on a salmon seiner in Alaska one summer in the mid 90’s…..on an off day we would accidentally fish for Halibut ($20.00) a pound halibut. Big bottom feeding fish, maybe 2 to 3 hundred pounds….some bigger….we cut them up to put them into the cold hold and there were wormy creatures exiting the flesh….many. Just cook it enough. Worms are protein….

  6. I’d never eat raw fish, you’re chancing getting liver flukes as well as worms. It’s popular with the orientals and has become trendy here but no thanks.

  7. That’s a “no thanks.” Also, be careful of eating the flesh of large predator fish such as grouper or swordfish as their flesh can contain ciguatera, which is a VERY bad food poisoning. I have firsthand experience.

  8. Properly used raw fish for sashimi is frozen for long enough to kill any errant wormies, then thawed just before using. It is safe if done right.


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