Man’s Right Testicle Hurt for 15 Years. Doc Removed Left One

Aw, hell! Doc Long didn’t have a magic marker handy to put a big X on the offending ball? A post-it note with “remove this ball only” written on it? A happy face sticker? Rub some dirt on it? Or how about reading the patient’s chart?

It’s not like the man had 8 balls and there was some confusion, there were only two! Gaaah!  What a dick!

A Pennsylvania man is $870,000 richer after a jury ruled his urologist committed “reckless indifference” when he removed the wrong testicle from his patient, reports.

15 Comments on Man’s Right Testicle Hurt for 15 Years. Doc Removed Left One

  1. Hey, I’d gladly donate my Left nut for $870,000.
    Hell, at this stage in life I may throw in the right one too.

    I’ve always thought God could have made one change for the males in the human race. When males turn 65 years old, their testicles fall off and he would grow a new set of teeth.
    But, all in all God did a good job.

  2. Probably standing on the wrong side of the operating table.

    Or, maybe … JUST MAYBE … the left ball self-identified as the right one?

    These things happen …

    Hospitals are where people go to die.

    izlamo delenda est …

  3. Huntington is a little rural, the surgeon probably moonlights making steers on the weekend.

    As a person who had a partially blotched surgery a few years ago all I remember was knowing there had been a problem when the physician wouldn’t make eye contact as stood at the foot of my ICU bed. That botch lead to my disability, but God has opened new things for me since then (I didn’t sue because as a Christian (I hear some of you telling me I’m stupid) I believe mistakes happen).

  4. Hospital errors kill more Americans every year than “gun violence”.
    In fact, 3 times as many.

    Your risk at home of contracting some drug-resistant infection is near zero.
    Your chance of infection in a hospital is alarmingly high. And impossible to protect yourself against.

  5. Now he can get some of that new male personal hygiene/deodorant spray. It’s called ‘Umpire’ and it is for foul balls.
    The doc should lose his license to practice. So should the scrub nurse.

  6. Cato…amen brother. I don’t believe in evolution because if it were true our nuts would have evolved armor and we’d have teeth like sharks!

  7. I’m not surprised one bit this happened.When I went into the hospital for an ACL Graft operation, the clerk inputting my info insisted that it was my right knee, not my left knee that was going to be operated on. I kept telling her her information was wrong. I finally had to stand up and yell at her I was cancelling the operation and going to a different hospital; her supervisor hurried over and straightened her shit out.

    Then just to be sure, I did magic marker “operate here” on my left knee and “Not this one, dumbass! operate on the left one” – my orthopaedic surgeon loved it; took a picture of it. But he was furious at the admin when I told him why I did it.

  8. Remember the old joke about the guy who was experiencing pain, and the doctors recommended castration? Well, the punch line was that his underwear were too tight.

    Probably this guy’s problem.

    izlamo delenda est …


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