Marijuana is Now Legal in California — If You Can Find It

Breitbart: Recreational use of marijuana is officially legal in the State of California as of New Year’s Day — provided that consumers can find someone to sell it to them at licensed dispensaries, which are still in short supply.

On January 1, Proposition 64, which passed in November 2016, takes effect. But as Southern California Public Radio’s KPCC reports, only 88 dispensaries are licensed to sell marijuana across the state, with state and local authorities still struggling to refine regulations.

“[T]he Bureau of Cannabis Control will continue working through the weekend to process as many licenses as possible and will even issue licenses on New Year’s Day,” KPCC notes.  more here

24 Comments on Marijuana is Now Legal in California — If You Can Find It

  1. Still available in the hood & on the street corner.
    Don’t smoke that $hit,makes Ya lazy & stupid and
    can cause you to vote Dem-O-rat…

  2. Now the whole left coast are all stoner states. And throw in Nevada too as well as Colorado, what can possibly go wrong? And why do I want to sing The Fish Cheer by Country Joe and The Fish and watch Cheech and Chong movies and get stoned, NOT! Ten years ago I would’ve never thought that marijuana would be legal at the state level. Of course I also never thought that queers would be a protected class and allowed to marry just because the Supreme Court says so. Next stop either the Twilight Zone or Bizzaro World, take your pick.

  3. I’m so old I can remember when guns and ammo were legal in California and marijuana and homosexuality were not.

  4. If you can find it? Please… Just try Google Earth… You can see the farms hidden in the forests…

  5. I think those of us born in the 50’s and earlier still remember this country as being normal and nobody but a handful of malcontents questioned its normalcy. And then came the terrible 60’s and 70’s and we all know how well that turned out.

  6. More OT.
    I’m reading Germany announced today they no longer recognize the USA as a super power. I’m not shitting you. Didn’t they do this before? How’d that work out?

  7. Dude. I’m so baked I can’t find the pot store. Plus, do they take EBT?

    But seriously, have employers relaxed drug testing and termination policies? That’s probably an oxymoronic question.

  8. @BBrad ~ tomorrow’s headline … “Trump to Merkel: let us know how the Fatherland likes ‘liberation’ under the Russian boot after the US pulls it’s missiles & troops out”

  9. @Bad Brad. Oh yes Germany definitely recognizes the US as the super power that kicked their asses twice. Thus, no more recreational militarism. This statement was a tantrum. Go home and rock yourselves to sleep little Adolph.


    I’m officially designating the German race as problematic. What the fuck people, from one extreme to another.

  11. Also, something personal, as a red blooded American Machinist. I was aways better than those cxck sxcking German Machinist I had to work under coming up through the trade. My satisfaction through those years was I know they knew it. Not one had the balls to tell me so.

  12. Old guy January 2, 2018 at 12:12 am

    People in the half baked state of Ca. are useful idiots.

    Ya know, some of us live here and those with half baked ideas on how you think I should live IMHO is half baked. Not everyone who lives here in California are half-baked. The majority in our county voted for Trump. Be careful who you are calling an idiot.

  13. @Goldenfoxx

    I think the most harmful effect of pot is the one it has on people that don’t use but want to tell others how to live their lives.

  14. BB,
    I thought Germans were some of the most
    accurate persistent persnickity machinists
    in the world? Look at the incredible machinery
    they cranked out in WW2.I got to spent some time
    inspecting a pilot seat from a ME-109. The pneumatic-mechanical-electrical equipment under that seat looked like a Swiss watch! I could not beleive it was produced back in 1942.

  15. A story on the drudge over the weekend reported over 400 license’s have been granted by the state to sell recreational pot. The story also went on to interviews with people who stood in line in Oakland so that on new years day at 6:00am they could be the first people to buy weed legally without a MMJ card.

    It also told the wonderful tale of californina’s taxation fiasco with it starting at a 35% upcharge with local city politicians being able to throw another 15% on top of that with the special “local cannabis tax”.

    What it all boiled down to was the absolute JOKE of being “privileged” to pay $150+ for 3.5 grams of “legal” pot that the federalies could STILL put you in jail for while local and state mexifornia cops & judges will quickly look away as your cuffed-n-stuffed.

    Just so your readers know, in NH 3.5g from a dispensary is $55 and even that is 2x the going rate for comparable street weed so I do not see how this is going to entice ANYONE from not buying from the cartels like they always have because the cartel can always work on the quality control issues and improve their product the state will NEVER cut their addiction to taxation.

  16. Put me in the ‘Shocked’ category. Although illegal, under capitalism marijuana was freely available on every street corner at prices dictated by competition. Now that the government is in control, if there is any available, marijuana is sold to those willing to stand in long lines to get it. Is it just me or does anyone else see a parallel between Caliphornia and Venezuela? Who could have seen THIS coming?

  17. Since this might be a debate about “machinists” let me highjack the thread.

    The marijuana thing is gun control. Next time you’re buying a gun please note the line on the 4473 that prevents you from legally doing it because of your drug use…

  18. Pot also is disqualification for the acquisition and or retention of a pilot license and also a coast guard license. Coast guard license isn’t just for the coast, it’s also needed for inland commercial boat drivers.

  19. They were smoking dope on December 31st. The only difference is they have to start paying taxes on it. Duuuuude…..


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