Martha McSally Slams Dems For ‘Dicking Around’ With DACA On ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’

DailyCaller- GOP congresswoman and Arizona Senate candidate Martha McSally said Democrats are “dicking around” with DACA by threatening to cut pay checks for American troops, Wednesday on Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

“While our troops are over there risking their lives for us, these guys are dicking around, excuse my language, trying to come up with some issue that is not even in the top 20 priority of the American people,” McSally said. “We need to look to more legislation like the bill I introduced last week that addresses the priorities of the American people.”  watch

10 Comments on Martha McSally Slams Dems For ‘Dicking Around’ With DACA On ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’

  1. The POS mayor of Oakland says she is ready and willing to go to jail to protect the sanctuary status of Oakland. It is past time to start arresting and jailing these traitors! What are we waiting for? And to think our military readiness and morale will be jeopardized to satisfy the libs desire to bring in millions of new lib voters. If our authorities don’t follow our laws, and John Q. Public gets fed up, we will have big time trouble.

  2. Arrest. Bond out with an ankle bracelet and house arrest. Tap her phone. Watch who comes and goes.

    Then arrest everyone who conspires with her to break the law after they’ve explained their plans and lock her ass up for the full sentence for violating the terms of her release.

    They can’t not violate the law.

  3. Watched this video last night. I’d swap McSally for Tammy Balwin in a NY minute. She’ll be so much better than Flaky

  4. Doesn’t Trump get to choose which department gets laid off first? Cut in half the foodstamp and other welfare programs first as well as furlough half the employees at HUD, Education, Department of the Interior, Energy and the like. I know I don’t have a good handle on what should be cut first but I’ll bet Trump and his sdvisors do. Then he needs to get on Twitter and explain why he’s doing this. Bypass the MSM and go direct to the people.

  5. I remember Little Dicky Durbin playing the same fuck-fuck games while we were trying to get Operation Desert Storm up to speed.

  6. Doc – You mean you’d rather have Sally then Baldwin, right?
    BTW, Baldwin’s buddy Democrat mayor of Milwaukee is in the hot seat today over the children’s lead level testing.

  7. Shite! I would take her over the squirrel turd Kaine and douche bag Warner any day. Time for me to get out of the Commonwealth.

    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell


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