Matt Lauer could lose $9M New Zealand ranch due to ‘good character’ clause

FOX— Disgraced former NBC host Matt Lauer could lose out on a multimillion-dollar ranch he purchased in New Zealand after a series of sexual misconduct allegations.

Lauer and his wife, Annette Roque, purchased a sprawling 16,000-acre sheep and cattle ranch called “Hunter Valley Station” last February. The property, which is located on New Zealand’s South Island, is worth $9.1 million, according to the New Zealand Herald .

However, New Zealand’s Overseas Investment Office, which oversees attempts by foreign investors to purchase property in the country, mandates that individuals involved in such transactions maintain “good character.” An OIO spokesperson told FOX Business that the agency is “aware that allegations have been made in relation to Matt Lauer” and has contacted his representative for further information on the situation.  read more

16 Comments on Matt Lauer could lose $9M New Zealand ranch due to ‘good character’ clause

  1. “The property, which is located on New Zealand’s South Island, is worth $9.1 million”

    Look. I am all for someone making as much money as they can. And I never envy someone’s wealth. MAYBE their superior music collection. But when I see perverted psychopaths like Matt Lauer raking in that kind of cash I ask myself, “I can name 20 righteous people off the top of my head who should be blessed with opportunities to make that kind of cash. Why him?” I know life ain’t fair but I just wish there were more balanced blessings than the limited ones I see.

    Wishful rant over. 🙂


    You don’t lose your property over “allegations.”

    Maybe this is why employers are so desperate for foreign workers. They can’t hire Americans because everyone has a speeding ticket or worse.


  3. I wonder why on earth would pervert Lauer would want a ‘ranch’ down in New Zealand?! Hmmmmmmmm
    Well, there are the sheep.

  4. @Jerry – People like Lauer got the dough they got by selling their souls to the devil. I wouldn’t trade my simple life for a $1 of Lauer’s (or any of those asshats) wealth. The taint is not worth it.

  5. A guy wants to buy a sheep ranch in New Zealand so he can fuck some sheep. Then there is a “good character” clause in the contract……This is like some sorta exercise in zen….

  6. I disagree with Lauer being now characterized as ‘disgraced’.
    He is who he always was; he was lately ‘revealed’. FIFY

  7. I’m enjoying the irony of Matt Lauer being bitten (hard) by the same “purity” rules he and his Lefty friends would have us apply in the U.S.A. I wish we could read his or his attorney’s correspondence to the morality police in New Zealand. As Prager says, “New Zealand has already left planet earth” (as NZ regards freedoms and rights).


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