Maxine Waters Looks Back Fondly on LA Riots – Calls It an Insurrection

A defining moment in black resistance, says Maxine Waters.

In the hospital, Reginald Denny wanted to know what he did.

You were white, Reggie. You were white.

16 Comments on Maxine Waters Looks Back Fondly on LA Riots – Calls It an Insurrection

  1. I wonder is MaxiPad has ever figured out that the Law and Law Enforcement protect “HER” people from becoming extinct in events like this. If it were not for the LAW, many law abiding citizen would pick up their favorite long gun and put and end to that shit in a hurry.

  2. Disenfranchised Honkey
    Believe it or not, California has a Penal Code that basically says, In time of civil disobedience, and if law enforcement cannot provide protection for person or property citizens have the right to defend themselves by any means necessary. That’s not the code verbatim but you get the intent. A good chunk of those 50 that died were rioters shot by Koreans. There were no investigations into those deaths.

  3. It’s kinda sad when Korean immigrants have a better grasp of their 2nd Amendment rights than a lot of native Americans.

  4. She’s oblivious to reality.
    Just 2 hours south here in San Diego, we had no idea anything was going on unless we watched the news. I love home !

  5. Yeah, just’a little protest [eye-roll]. We lived in SoCal back in the time of the ’65 riots and Pop took me to the range when I was 9 during the midst. He taught me how to handle his 1911 to a point of ‘comfort’, told me it was under his pillow, and if anything went south when he wasn’t home, that I was the “man” of the family and my responsibility to protect Mom and them.

    FU you, Maxine.

  6. What he did? He stopped. Don’t phucking EVER
    stop. You just hope they don’t get caught up inside
    the firewall as you pass over them.

  7. When I drove truck a lot of it was in the middle of the night and when you saw “certain people” on the street you never stopped at red lights. You should see the looks on their faces when you blow thru. Like they were the ones robbed!
    Most trucking outfits refuse to let you carry to defend yourself even tho truckers go into the worst parts of town in the dead of night.


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