Maxine’s Call To Arms


At an average age of +70, the opposition party is going to be lead into battle by the least talented group of corrupt, incompetent and decrepit loud mouths.  If Maxine Waters is their best and brightest the Trump Administration is going to run roughshod over the lot of them.


17 Comments on Maxine’s Call To Arms

  1. I bet Trump will run for governor of California someday.

    Wouldn’t that cause some heads to explode?

    “Let’s Make California Great Again”

  2. Marxine is incurably stupid. Her IQ will never raise to the level of her shoe size. Although both were senators, Durbin and Reid used their powerful positions to make life as miserable as possible for Republican presidents. Waters is no different. Reid and Obama made sure there was not going to be any Republican cooperation when crafting Ocommie Care. Look how well that turned out. Waters is too stupid to learn from others mistakes.

  3. “If maxine waters is their best and brightest”

    trump might put her in her place but not the rest of the republican party they lose to this idiot every election cycle.

  4. This from her censured snout. Maximouth Wahwah…corrupted to her rotted snatch and beyond. Never accepted why the blacks should have their own caucus. They don’t deserve it, nor need it. Abolish it and convict those guilty of treason with firing squads dealing the sentencing. Barbara Jordan was the last one before death who was a great congresswoman and representative.

  5. That and continuing to hustle money from citizens for herself and hubby in that grand state of Self-Delusion, aka California.

  6. Hell, I though Maxine Moms Mabley wuz busy with Hank Johnson down in the hull of Guam patching up all the holes with a big tube of Black Caucus to keep it from capsizing!

  7. Stupid is as stupid does and they be doing it in the name of their party. Marxine is the senior donkey on the house finance committee fighting the fight for Dodd-Frank changes and stuff for the people… and white peoples needs to change!


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