Maxine’s Lucrative Mailer Business

If you’re a California democrat seeking statewide office you’re going to want to pony up upwards of $45,000 to get your name on Maxine Waters’ (CA-D) mailer. The operation is run by daughter Karen Waters who has been paid “hundreds of thousands” for her effort. Representative Waters receives an estimated 59 percent of her own campaign funds from the mailer and it allows Waters to avoid monetary restrictions faced by other candidates who rely on PAC and campaign committees.

One of her best customers has been Kamala Harris as well as Barbara Boxer and Gavin Newsome. More on how the mailer operates Here

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  1. At the risk of being called a racist, why is it that nearly every black Democrat treats public office like they won the Lotto? Corinne Brown, Jesse Jackson Jr., Chaka Fattah, Maxine Waters. It’s like a welfare scam only bigger.

  2. How Did She Figure It OUT ? Which Donor Really Threw This In Her Lap ?.
    She Probably Has a Staffer to Help Her Get Gum out of its Wrapper !!!

  3. MaxiPad Waters born in St. Louis, Missouri. Why did this bitch decide to move here and screw up my state. It’s not fair I tell ya.

  4. Maxine gets around the intention of campaign finance limitations with her mailing list, but Citizens United is a blot on the nation.

    Democrat corruption, only matched by their hypocrisy.

  5. Bad Brad : We Should Compile a List of Eastern Politicians, Who have Screwed up California. Natives Are Relaxed Outdoor Family Oriented People , Not Rabid Screamers !

  6. Nah, you Californians have let this festering mass of cancerous smegma grow for 40 years…the left coast and the east coast killed my home state of Colorado way back when…When the fungi first started leaving, you cheered….then you didn’t know what to do, so you let more fungi grow and they flourished….you sent them out again…flush your own fucking toilet!….the only comfort I got is that the State I now live in will kill most of the vermin mostly by humidity…bugs, lizards, toads and just general discomfort….

  7. No Brad…not the true bottom feeders….the fungi is the fucks who like to tell everybody how special they are and they want you to embrace the fungi….that they ran from…..believe me it ain’t you and several other IOTW commentators….your true patriots. I hope you can hold your home………..Front range Colorado is gone….

  8. willysgoatgruff

    California is headed to total collapse like a run away freight train. It’s time to let our elected officials run unimpeded to self destruction. I’ve said since I first started commenting here the only way to fix California is to let it hit critical mass. These fools and the fools that vote for them are getting the job done. The trick is to keep the feds from bailing them out.

  9. Maxine Waters is a good example. What do you think her I.Q. is. I’m saying right about even with a rock. The only people dumber than Maxi Pad are the ones that vote for her.

  10. practically all politicians are nothing more than Grifters … MaxiPad is one of the best in that ‘august’ body of the best 535 Grafters in the country … better know as ‘Congress’
    I congratulate her on being in the top 10 of ‘most despised’ year after year

  11. Good grief! No wonder congress doesn’t get any work done. Between self and familial enrichment schemes, excessive recesses, and worthless “investigations” it’s a wonder any of them show up once-in-a-while to “look busy.

    May they rot in the same type of hell, that they have foisted upon America. Rat Bastards

  12. Oh come on, PAC’s notoriously have outrageous, disproportionate mailer fees. Anyone can see there are many loopholes within the way PAC’s are run that allow money laundering. At the very least, the disproportionate fees should be raising red flags for investigations on a large scale. Honestly, when can we just do away with PAC’s all together? Even Kanye has figured out its free money.

  13. The left leaders want to enrich themselves and have one goal and one goal only……

    they don’t want to be the person holding the bag when the music stops.

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