McCain Doesn’t Disappoint… Spreads Blame of Shutdown Towards the Right

Hasn’t the sand run out of the hourglass yet?


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  1. I once had a history professor who was the biggest bitch on the planet, and I was amazed at some of the things she would say to people. It turned out she had a brain tumor, which I later learned affects people’s behavior. (That may seem obvious to some but I guess I was dumb in college.)

    So maybe that’s whats happening with this pain in the ass, but even if so, why aren’t his doctors counseling family about this crap? I can’t bring myself to say mean things related to his illness, but he does need to get the fuck out and stop playing games with the American people.

  2. I bet his cancer breath smells like a gurgling septic tank. Or is that his soul I’m catching a whiff of?

  3. He hates the world because he’s the one who’s dying but believes Trump (and everything he represents) deserves to and isn’t.

  4. One would think that with a limited time left on Earth that a normal person would want to spend it with his family and in quiet reflection as well as getting himself right with the Lord.


  5. McCain’s idea of cooperation between members of Congress always means that the Conservatives have to yield ground to the Commie-Lefties (not even calling them Republicans or Democrats anymore). The Left never yields!

    When you have run out of ground to give, then you have lost your Republic (inch by inch).

  6. Honestly? I think it’s because there are a lot of old men (and some women) in the congress who have been there for so long and their reelections are so assured they could not tell you what their jobs there are supposed to be. Many of them are way past normal retirement age where one looks forward to spending most of their time with spouse and grandchildren, doing the things there is still time and ability left to do.

    I really think some of these old farts are so little accomplished in any other area of their lives (and so emotionally estranged from their spouse) that to retire from this rather prestigious club represents too big a loss. They just wouldn’t know what else to do with themselves that provides the same ego-stroking, kowtowing adulation and public recognition (“Do you know WHO I AM?”) Maybe this is why there is such simpatico between some politicians and Hollywood denizens.

    So if some of these old guys and gals sound like they belong to the same party it’s because they’ve stopped defending the values of their respective parties and constituents, and adopted the values of their exclusive club, where it’s considered extremely bad form to be disagreeable with your cronies with whom one feels to have been through “the war”. It’s their “club”, where they while away their time, catch up on gossip, go to lunch, are given a platform to hold forth and not make a nuisance of themselves at home.

    (Take away some of the expensive leather and old port perks, the gym, pool, expense accounts, legions of support staff and maybe these people will find incentive to look elsewhere for semi-retirement.)

  7. I was just wondering with Trump’s physical being in the news lately, do Congress people get the same treatment? Wouldn’t it be good to know about the abilities of folks like McCain?

  8. I dunno about the hourglass, but the sand ran outta his brain a looooong time ago!
    This is like saying democRATs were totally responsible for forcing Republicans to pass tax cuts!!

  9. Senator John S. McCain has outlived himself. He seems to want us to share his last days as a maverick Senator, showing us the noble path of non-partisanship when that amounts to the destruction of this country by illegal immigration. There is probably no state in the United States that has experienced the harm that the invasion of illegal aliens has done than Arizona, and McCain has been oblivious about these effects his entire time in the Senate. It makes me mad to remember that I ever had to vote for McCain. If DACA ever passes, Arizona will become another Democrat/Socialist stronghold. McCain will have his real legacy if that ever happens.

  10. As ill as he is, someone else is responding for him. I suspect that he is so ill that he can’t even appear in the limelight, with or without his fake leg brace.

  11. One of Trump’s campaign promises for 2020, should be to fight for term limits in congress… and probably for judges and the Supreme Court too.

  12. Yank off him orthopedic boot from whatever leg it is on for the day, and expose the ankle monitor. The man is a criminal who helped arm terrorists. Indicting his ass and convicting him of treason before he dies should be his legacy.

  13. Pity him.
    If you can stomach it, pray for him.

    He is such a snot-bubbling shithead, manipulated by his handlers, that he’s probably clueless to what he’s saying or doing. He thinks he’s sitting in the sun, a 26 year old fighter jock, swilling Mai-Tais and telling hilarious stories of sexual prowess and crashing planes.
    Soon his face will be slammed against the Gates of Hell, the demons using his noggin as a knocker. He’ll be welcomed home with open arms.

    izlamo delenda est …

  14. I understand why Cindy McCain had to keep herself wasted on quaaludes. It was that or climbing in an icy cold bathtub with a razor blade.

  15. Be patient, 14 mons. Average time from this cancer discovery to burial. I think it might be nice for CNn to start a countdown clock for Johnny Boy.

  16. Here is Lazlo’s problem; McCain is unable to vote because he’s home.
    He is not well enough to perform his duties.
    He should retire.
    Thanks, John.
    We will give you an excellent funeral.

  17. @AbigailAdams January 21, 2018 at 5:34 am

    I was agreeing along, until

    > So if some of these old guys and gals sound like they belong to the same party it’s because they’ve stopped defending the values of their respective parties and constituents, and adopted the values of their exclusive club,

    You see… that is the rule of The Club. It’s written everywhere. You agree to it on your application. “Majority (according to the rules, at the time, subject to change without notice) rules, and loyalty from all.” That “intent” is why you apply. Fidelity to “constituents”… fidelity to team colors… any infidelity against The Club, is what the rules forbid.

    Those are the people you “elect.” Because those are the rules they claim they’ll obey.

    (I know. They could just lie to absolutely everyone. That might just be who they are. That wouldn’t work out any better.)

  18. Brain tumor? Trump envy? Obliviousness?

    GMAFB! Review McCain’s entire LIFE, not just his self-serving criminal career as a Senator. He has always been an egotistical prick, a danger to his colleagues.

    I challenge anyone to give me one example of something good that he’s done as a legislator. The mountain of bad that he is done could be calculated as a portion of the national debt and as direct causes of America going from #1 among nations (by a long shot), to a country in desperate need of a makeover, from legislation, to education, to how its citizens view themselves.


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