McCain’s Fake Boot

McCain’s surgical boot switched feet.

That’s some tumor. It makes you feel like the tear you have in your Achille’s is happening on the other side.

No this is not a pic reversed. All the buttons are on the correct side, Cindy’s ring is on her left hand. The pant’s fly flap is on the correct side.

Both pictures are authentic, yet he seems to have forgotten which ankle is in agony.

What the???

(Okay, I reversed one of these pics. But the boot one is real!!)

32 Comments on McCain’s Fake Boot

  1. Not to be upstaged by Hillary, he got his own damn sympathy boot.
    It aint workin’ McStain, you’re still a worthless human bean.

  2. I can diagnose this:
    Classic case of Munchausen by Proxy syndrome.
    Combined Ned with Alzheimer’s disease.

    He gets sympathetic attention from wearing a boot so he wears a boot. (Munchausen’s)
    But his dementia makes him forget which foot. (Alzheimer’s)
    And he was born with his stupidity.

  3. How depressing ! I’m with r_c, looks like he may be faking the cancer too. It probably was an exercise equipment malfunction and he thought brain cancer sounded better.

    I guess now he has to prove he wasn’t lying or resign !

  4. I knew two guys very well who had the same brain cancer. They cashed out within 6 months, and the last weeks in hospice.
    I’m beginning to smell a rat also.
    He should be euthanized just for disappointing us.

  5. Munchausen’s my ass.
    McCain has always been such an arrogant deceitful POS that he thinks he can fool any and all of us. And his IQ is subpar, it’s just that he is brazenly immoral.

    War hero?! pfft! Trump nailed that too.
    And just like Kerry to parlay a fake war record is about as low as one can go.

    The only dilemma will be how to produce enough urine for all the graves I expect to decorate when these idiots, oblivious to their mortality, finally GTFOOH. His tombstone is going to smell like a urinal after I find it.

  6. McCain has never been able to decide which side he’s on. As a POW, he seemed to get along just fine with his captors. Around the time of 9-11 he sided with Airbus to replace Boeing KC-135s. In the senate you never knew which side he’s support. Unless of course, the decision would hurt our nation or make life better for democrats.

  7. Gen P Malaise: “it is cover for ankle bracelet.” I read an article the other day that was supporting the same thought. In fact the article suggested perhaps the boot is the tracking device.

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