McDonald’s Rolls Out The McVegan

They literally rolled it out.

They tested it in one city in Finland and it was a big success. Now it’s a permanent fixture in all the land. The allure is that it’s cheaper than a rival restaurant that serves a vegan burger.

I don’t know how well it will go over here, where the vegans are more virtue signallers. They wouldn’t support any franchise that served chicken, pig and cow, hoping to strangle them out of business, not see them get more successful.


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  1. Real vegans here in the U.S. most likely will not support this endeavor. This is made for soccer moms who have bratty little ones who claim to be vegetarian or vegan(or suffering from gender dysphoria).

    Next up, shakes made from Soy,Gluten-free buns and Happy Meals with toys from Black Lives Matter and the #WomansMarch.

  2. When I eat vegetables, I want them to look and taste like vegetables.
    When I eat meat, I want it to look and taste like meat.
    People who want their vegetables to sorta kinda resemble meat obviously have “issues”.

  3. I could get into McSoy——lent green.
    So is the population of vegans larger or smaller than the homo population? Anatomically correct hot dogs. That’s where the money is at. Vegan anatomically correct hot dogs and tacos for our queer little friends. Ka Ching.

    Vegan weenie mc tacos.

    OT. I saw a SJW Verizon ad on Thursday. Liquidated my stock in Verizon on Friday. Stupid fucks.

  4. Ronald McDonald is transgendering to a noncis-nonbinary NAMBLA spokessomething and the Hamburgler, well, you can guess where he sticks it now.

  5. This is for those annoying 13 year old princesses who suddenly announce they are Vegans, in those Single Mom TV Families where there is no Man to anchor the children’s sanity.

    Should come in a Rainbow wrapper, adorned with those fake-profound deep-thoughts mottos that teenage girls love to forward each other on Instagram.

  6. I used to date a vegan. If we went out for pizza, the pizza had to be brought to table uncut. God forbid the pizza cutter may have cut a pizza with meat on it. Didn’t date for long.

  7. I’m sure they market tested the name of the sandwich, but didn’t someone think to market test the name of the company that developed the patty: Anamma?! This stuff can’t be made up!

  8. I like it! I want to see more of the vegetarian and vegan menus. If more of the little darlings eat that stuff, that leaves more real food at a cheaper price for the rest of us!
    Supply and demand. Always works and gotta love it.

  9. I’m with Uncle Al, I’ve never understood if they hate meat then why do they want vegan hot dogs, hamburgers, sausage, bacon, etc. I saw vegan bacon at the grocery store one day, it looked nothing like bacon except it was strips, but strips of some kind of gray matter.

    I always laugh at some of the things that are ‘vegan’ in the store that contained no meat, dairy or eggs before it was labeled vegan. What’s even funnier is seeing one labeled vegan and the other not labeled, but is the same exact product, yet the “vegan” is double the price. Do you know you can even buy “vegan” dry pinto beans? I saw that one day and I’m sure everyone in the store thought I was crazy because I couldn’t contain my laughter.


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