MeAgain Kelly up to her old tricks

American Thinker:

Megyn Kelly Leads Renewed Targeting of Trump.

The former Fox News Anchor and part-time lingerie model, now working at the network where Matt Laurer locked his doors when not prowling the halls, has once again taken the lead in portraying President Donald Trump as a sexual predator who should be driven from office.

Now that Sen. Al Franken has said he will resign, Rep. John Conyers is on his way out, the Roy Moore dragon has been slain, the no longer politically useful Bill Clinton has been conveniently bashed, and the Democrats are once again pure as the driven snow, the decks have been cleared for a full frontal assault on the man who dared save the country from that great defender of women who have been assaulted, Hillary Clinton.

Little more than a year after the Republican debate where Megyn Kelly grilled Trump on sexual harassment allegations, she resurrected three of his debunked accusers to regurgitate their earlier charges on her Dec. 11 show:

Jessica Leeds, Samantha Holvey and Rachel Crooks on Monday morning told NBC News’ Megyn Kelly about their alleged experiences with Trump. Lisa Boyne, a fourth accuser, joined them for a news conference later that day…

Leeds, Holvey and Crooks reflected on what it was like to watch Trump get elected after they had accused him of sexual harassment and assault…

Leeds first spoke to The New York Times last year, alleging that Trump groped her on an airplane more than 30 years ago

“He was like an octopus,” she said. “His hands were everywhere.”

That’s not how another passenger on that flight remembered the transatlantic flight., casting significant doubt on the tall tale told by Jessica Leeds of groping by the Donald in the first class section..He portrayed Leeds as something between a groupie and a stalker who was rebuffed by Trump, according to the New York PostMORE

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  1. She modified Matt’s Easy Button, you know – the one that locked the doors and said “That Wuz Easy!”, into the Sleazy Button.
    Now when ya hit it a recording of Candy Cowley sez “That Wuz Sleazy!”


    That’s really all this is. That is what the left if now. Smashing windows (bullying) calling people names (bullying) making tearful accusations (bullying).

    They never had a cogent argument, and can’t defend one if they did. It’s all bullying and violence now.

  3. Well, 30 years ago Megan Kelly (while she worked at a local TV outfit in DC) kept sexually assaulting me! She tried to slobber all over my “special purpose” and crying about how much she couldn’t live without me. I was a sort of Adonis guy in those days – 6’2″, 180 lbs, piercing blue eyes, blond hair, bench 450, squat 680, run a 2-min. mile, perform complex integral AND differential calculus-es in my head, had saved dozens of women and children (specially little girls) from all sorts of ugly stuff, stood up to the Powers of Darkness (successfully) – and she just couldn’t keep her hands (and lips) off me.
    It was kind of flattering … in a sordid, dirty, sort of way …

    Or … at least … I THINK it was Megan Kelly ……. I remember a girl – softer – rounder – more girl-like, if ya know wot I meen ………..

  4. The good news is that they’ll be abandoning the Russia debacle, then.
    I guess they got tired of looking into the abyss and abyss spitting back on them.

  5. Guess she doesn’t realize she really catapulted Trump to the top in the first debate with her lame question giving him the opportunity to respond and steal the show.

  6. It’s becoming obvious what the Dem strategy is. A few of their own are sacrificed on the alter of sexual harrasment from decades ago in order to set the precedent for Trump being forced to retire for allegations of similar things. People have already proven them to be liars or a she said/he said situation but what I don’t understand is why Trumps outside team of lawyers aren’t suing the crap out of these people. Trump doesn’t have to testify (I don’t think) and can give a written deposition if needed. These lice turned up just before the election and then were frightened away when somebody turned the lights on and now a few are being brought back to start the Democrat end game. Turn the lights on again Mr. President.

    As for Ms. Kelly, she’s tried everything to gain a new audience and failed so it’s back to what destroyed her old audience at Fox and praying to at least grab the left wing no-minds that watch NBC. If that fails there may come a time where NBC simply won’t play her and she’ll either leave or just sit out her contract with enough money to really have a go at the plastic surgery youth game.

  7. Who pays for this? George soros. Hang him before he can do anymore damage to this country than he already has. Wake up sessions. CIA? Where the hell are you?


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