Meanwhile, back in England: Pakistani migrant had no clue he wasn’t allowed to date children

Breitbart London– A Pakistani migrant told a court he “didn’t understand” that it was illegal to have sex with a child after being caught in a sting operation by paedophile hunters.

Adil Sultan, 39, thought he was meeting a 14-year-old girl named Laura for sex when he travelled to Sunderland, England, from his home in Middlesborough in August 2017.

But upon his arrival in Sunderland, rather than meeting the child he had contacted on the website Skout, he was confronted by members of the paedophile hunting group Guardians of the North.

The group states on its Twitter profile that it is “dedicated to keeping our children safe from online grooming and paedophiles” and sets up fake accounts on social media to expose adults looking for sex with children.

Video obtained by the Sunderland Echo shows the migrant being apprehended by the Guardians of the North who then made a “citizen’s arrest”, under Section 24A of the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984, detaining Sultan until the police arrived.

Newcastle Crown Court later heard that the Pakistani national believed “it was okay” to have sex with a 14-year-old child, the Echo reports.  read more

21 Comments on Meanwhile, back in England: Pakistani migrant had no clue he wasn’t allowed to date children

  1. This should have never become news, because when the vigilante group seized the Paki, he should have just…….disappeared. No Paki, no problem.

  2. /sigh
    Why are Muslims allowed into western society again?
    Why are they not put to death when caught doing this sort of vile thing????

  3. Maybe if they started returning these folk to their native country, without landing the plane. Give them bedsheets and string, and tell them to have a parachute ready before they fly over their new home. This would almost completely eliminate serial deportations.

  4. Don’t worry folks. Your government knows what is best for you. Sacrificing a few hundred thousand innocent chlldren is an acceptable cost. That the price of assimilation. BTW, you will be assimilated into their culture, not the other way around. You could have stopped this in the voting booths. Shame!

  5. Whoever said “There will always be an England” never imagined THIS reality that England’s political and banking elite have created. The Rt. Hon. Enoch Powell was absolutely correct and how did you treat him? Like a prophet in his own country, that’s how.
    Every time I make a comment with Enoch Powell’s name in it, the comment NEVER appears. Let’s see what happens today.


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