POTUS vs. #FakeNews CNN MEME CONTEST – $$$ Prizes

The Conservative Treehouse and PolitOpinion.com are sponsoring a MEME CONTEST – 3 chances to win $$$

To help counter the insufferable censorship, blackmail and Stazi tactics of CNN, Politopinion is providing an opportunity for meme producers to win prizes.
If you create a funny gif, video, or image meme (with the CNN logo) you can submit it to Mr. Pinko (directions here) and you’ll be entered into a contest to win a cash prize.
TheConservativeTreehouse.com has kindly posted $1000 in prize money to be divided up in the following 3 format/categories.

$500 – BEST GIF

$300 – BEST YouTube Video

$200 – BEST JPG image

#CNNBlackmail #TrumpMemeContest

PRESIDENT TRUMP vs. Fake News CNN MEME CONTEST! $1000 Prize (courtesy of TheConservativeTreehouse.com)

PRESIDENT TRUMP vs. Fake News CNN MEME CONTEST! Total $1000 Prize $$$ (Courtesy of TheConservativeTreeHouse.com)
Any other websites/sponsors are more than welcome to up the ANTI in the name of FREEDOM of SPEECH!


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  1. ok, i tried and submitted one. mines like the first time you gave your 2 year old color crayons and he didnt eat them but drew something. Thats mine compared to the other submissions.

  2. While brushing my teeth getting ready for bed, Wile E. Coyote and the roadrunner popped into my head…

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