MeToo: The worst thing to happen to victims of sexual assault ever

Patriot Retort: 

Do you remember a few months ago when Ashley Judd posted a frantic video to Facebook because a man called her “sweetheart?”

In a day and age when calling someone “sweetheart” prompts an unstable woman to film herself decrying “everyday sexism,” we’ve completely lost all perspective.

Ashley is one of the faces of the MeToo movement celebrated as Time Magazine’s so-called “Person of the Year.”

Given that, it’s hardly surprising that this MeToo movement has spiraled out of control.

This is the issue I have with all of these “I’m a Victim too!” fads that come tumbling along.

Everybody wants to glom on to MeToo – even if the worst that happened to them was being complimented by a man – or hooted at on the street.

When I lived in Chicago back in the 90s, it was not uncommon for Hispanic men to shout out sexually suggestive things as I passed them by.

It was irritating to be sure.

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17 Comments on MeToo: The worst thing to happen to victims of sexual assault ever

  1. Some one dressed just like Just Pat called me “Hun,” the other day. I feel so violated. I’m not sure if I feel sexually violated, or racially violated, yet. I could feel intersectionally violated, if it pays better. Where does a cis gendered, melanin deprived, oppressor of the patriarchy, go for validation?

  2. If you think “sweetheart” ticks off the womenfolk, try “ma’am”. It triggers a rage disorder about 1/2 the time these days .


    They will compete to “out-crazy” each other to get the most attention and sympathy. You promote it, you get more of it.

  4. If someone calling me “sweetheart” is the worst thing that happens to me on any given day, that’s a pretty darned good day.

  5. I used to like Ashley Judd until she decided she wanted to be “significant” for something other than a pretty face. (Saw her nude scene a few movies ago… meh, but the face is/was star quality. Brain, not so much; fugly sister is smarter.)

  6. Simple solution: never hire women and fire all women now employed.

    1) no chance of on-the-job harassment cases (saves money, anxiety)
    2) gives women the choice (they’re pro-CHOICE, aren’t they?!) to sink-or-swim on their own, or
    3) acknowledge reality of male-female relationships…as well as
    4) the logical consequences of their current Robespierreian hysteria.

  7. We’re quickly approaching a time when men will cross the street to avoid women, and any job interactions will be highly formal, with men clamming up and leaving the room the second a woman tries to be friendly. This is always the end result of Victorian style overreach like this.

    Wow… A man called her “sweetheart” once… Poor thing… Send him to prison… Make it so he can’t earn an honest dollar for the rest of his natural life. FFS!

  8. The me too ‘victims’ are being used by the manually evil left and will be tossed aside like used conforms, once used.

  9. Y’all need to turn off auto-correct. LOL.
    Seriously though, I just don’t believe anyone anymore. Is that what these people want? To go back to the time where no one believed ANY woman? Because THIS is how you get to that point. I don’t care anymore. Let the hamsters fight and soil themselves in their own box.

  10. #NotMe
    Well, once but I quit b/c of of it and got a better job –and life. There is usually a silver lining to avoiding creeps.

  11. Didnt Ashley recently qdeclare she was a nasty nasty woman!!?
    Oh well. She was reportedly institutionalized at one point so we should just encourage her to run for nasty President.


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