Michael Wolff Runs Disclaimer With His “Factual Trump Book”

Look at how this turdweasel parses his words in order to pass the blame of his lies onto Trump.

What he’s saying is that if his book has lies in it, it’s only reflecting the atmosphere of the Trump white house.

So, since Bill and Hillary lied, I can write a fictional book about them and say, “what do you want from me? Those Clinton’s are liars. If this book has untruths in it that’s what you get when you’re trying to write an honest book about liars.”

What a jerk.

“Many of the accounts of what has happened in the Trump White House are IN CONFLICT WITH ONE ANOTHER; many, in Trumpian fashion are BADLY UNTRUE. Those CONFLICTS, and that LOOSENESS WITH THE TRUTH, if not WITH REALITY ITSELF, are en ELEMENTAL THREAD OF THIS BOOK.” https://twitter.com/JoeBorelliNYC/status/948712062200500225

ht/ C. Steven Tucker

11 Comments on Michael Wolff Runs Disclaimer With His “Factual Trump Book”

  1. For a guy who keeps getting pigpiled by POTUS & Son, Bannon keeps responding with slavish #MAGA devotion and never fires back at Wolff.

    The dynamic here is odd. It reminds me of a rasslin’ match.

    Come on, ref! What are you blind?

    Why would this human gonad be allowed on White House grounds much less in the West Wing. This can only add up using common core math.

  2. The entire pop of Fire and Fury is to sell confirmation bias.

    Trumps a retard. Has dementia. They are all traitors. Even his kids hate his guts.

    Really? Sounds more like Politiporn for Joe Scarborough and Mika Bzerznski to jill off to.

  3. As Sean Spicer said “You can’t make this shit up.”
    It’s not on my winter reading list. It seems that Wolff is rehashing what has been said about Mr. Trump ever since he declared to run for President. We heard is all before: He’s dumb, childish, stupid, a moron, un presidential, gruff, impolite; doesn’t know what he’s doing, he talks funny, and on and on.
    I’ve had this bullshit up to my eyeballs. MAGA!
    “Best compilation of people who laughed at Trump,”
    is great relief.

  4. Just a basic thought: All this crap is going on – nuclear button envy, imaginary stories about Trump, fights with Steve Bannon and others.
    Meanwhile Trump is getting stuff done, often under the radar since the LSM is obsessed with this kiddy stuff. As long as Trump’s agenda is moving forward I really don’t care a whit. Now I would like to know what Congress has been doing the past few days, it would be nice to see some legislation coming down the pipeline.

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