Mike Pence Stares Down CNN Reporter

This scared the crap out of me, and I wasn’t the one being stared at.

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  1. DAMN! He’s good! President Trump not only picked an amazing VP, he utilizes VP Pence’s talents, so very well.

    I’m trying to remember a VP/President team, that worked united. Usually the VP is forgotten, unless recent history. VP Pence will be easily remembered.

  2. of course, when you talk about a missile hitting Seattle, maybe we should wait for that to happen before we crush the fat norkcom.

  3. I told Jill, Someone fires a missile at you, go on your porch with a shotgun and fire two shots in the air

  4. One can see that the media’s concern is who they’ll be able to blame for anything. They don’t care about our safety.

  5. In her mind, she had him cornered with a devastating question and the stare will be described as “He was speechless”.

    Liars gonna lie.

  6. You mean the Norks are going to be able to wipe out Seattle? Would they also be able to take out Portland and San Francisco? Maybe we can work w these people.

    I think Pence doesn’t like that nasty media twit w that mike in his face. Good staredown. “Leave me alone.” I liked it

  7. “And you know, this is real for you…”

    If a “journalist” was interviewing me and started a question like that, I’d have stared her down too.

    What kind of stupid is “And you know, this is real for you…”

    No shit, Dana. Do you think Mike Pence is unaware of that fact? Are you under the delusion that Korea is a fantasyland like Middle Earth or Narnia and we’re just playing some online war game?

    What a dummy.

  8. That stare was sooo long. I think he was thinking should I shove that mic up her ass or down her throat? What a stupid woman!

  9. That wasn’t a question. That was a scolding. Where has this critical media been the last 8 years?? These are the same nitiwts who hammered Obama with such tough questions as “what has delighted and surprised you the most about being President?”

  10. He was just patiently waiting for a question to follow her snide editorializing. Good on him for prompting her with a laser stare, instead of responding to her little lecture.

  11. I honestly believe that that cunt and her ilk would like to see a missile hit New York or Seattle so they could blabber on about it and blame President Trump. They are un American, every Goddamn one of them.

  12. If she had asked a question instead of making a statement, I’m sure he would have answered her, as he eventually did once she eventually formulated her postulation into a question. Faced with a hostile newsperson most of us would do the same thing. Pence didn’t fall into the trap of commenting on her twisted comment, kudos for him! He knows how to handle these vermin.

  13. @Arby…

    The all-time winner, asked of Barky in 2009:

    “During these first 100 days, what has surprised you the most about this office? Enchanted you the most from serving in this office? Humbled you the most? And troubled you the most?”

  14. I liked the little hand nudge from the cameraman after Pence’s and your question is you bint stare.

  15. What we needed to hear during that moment of silence was “Gotcha Bitch!” Seriously, he should have reminded her that during the first Klinton administration, Billy Boy was on the DMZ and was interviewed by a reporter and he said that North Korea will never get nuclear weapons. It’s now 2017 and guess what? He was lying through his lips!

  16. I can understand and appreciate joking about nuking Seattle, but I’m just 40 miles as the crow flies away so if they hit Seattle I hope it’s on the north side. Anything on the south side brings ground zero closer..

  17. My response would’ve been, “no, silly girl, this is not really real. It’s ALL just fantasy and fun!”. No, I know…I would NEVER make it as a politician.

  18. That pause and stare was only a second, but enough to make the “journalist” uncomfortable. Hope she doesn’t file some lawsuit and march on DC because of it, nasty woman! (VP Pence: more please, and thank you)

  19. I would’ve loved it if he paused for a really long time and then yelled BOOM! at the top of his voice just to see her shit her pants.

  20. Pence – Still waters run deep. Never underestimate a quite man. Especially one who doesn’t suffer fools. That look was, “…and. What else you got genius”.

  21. He’s such a gentleman, I think he would rather have ripped what she said apart. “It will be on your watch.” WTF! Little Kimmy is a loose canon that needs to be dead.

  22. My appreciation for Pence moved upward bigly with that stare. More of our conservative/nationalist leaders need to hit back on these media morons. They give Mr. Pence crap like that, but hold an interview with obozo with their hand on his leg asking him why he likes golf. C skrs

  23. To translate what she was saying: “North Korea has these weapons because Democrat administrations all but gift wrapped them. Since the Trump administration has been in office for three months, they are clearly responsible.. But of course it would be racist to take any military action to remove the threat and if Trump did anything he should be impeached.”

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