Mine owner said he tried to stop EPA but was threatened with massive fines

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The details surrounding the massive spill that the EPA caused are getting worse and worse. Not only will it likely end up costing taxpayers billions of dollars, now the mine owner is saying that he tried to prevent the EPA from exploring the mine in the first place but they threatened him with a massive fine. -More at PoorRichard’sNews.

10 Comments on Mine owner said he tried to stop EPA but was threatened with massive fines

  1. The project manager and his staff need to be fired along with whoever approved it. The billions to clean it up need to come from the existing EPA budget – they can cancel other programs to cover it. There is no way Congress should appropriate more money – not that Boehner & company have the balls to do that.

  2. Many people think the EPA did this on purpose to get more money to ‘clean’ a superfund site.


    “Critics of the EPA are pointing to a letter by geologist Dave Taylor, published a week before the toxic spill, warning residents to protect themselves from the EPA and predicting a similar disaster in the same area purposely caused by the controversial agency.”

  3. The Exxon Valdez and BP oil accidents got a hell of a lot more “outrage” coverage than this monumental act of stupidity.
    End the EPA and jail those responsible.

  4. It’s time to do away with this un-Constitutional abomination, once and for all. Congress, grow some balls and do away with it. Dept. of “Justice,” grow some balls and prosecute those responsible.

    Of course, nothing will happen: The Sheeple will bleat, the IRS will shear them, and the Executive will dine on mutton.

  5. Wonder if the uber liberal smuggish and more epic than you Durango-tans are blaming Bush. Then you have the Navajo Nation as well–hideously overweight and underworked perpetually depressed and despising whitey–are they blaming the government or blaming Gov. Martinez? Having had the misfortune of living in Farmington, NM, I am counting my lucky stars I am out of that area of the country. If you want to see the mentality of the Native Americans–check out the picture by Native American artist Jodi Webster on the Facebook page of Citizens Preserving the Penokee Hills Heritage Park–and you get an idea of how the Native Americans view anyone that may take away any of the “government freebies” that they are addicted to. A most unpleasant group of people.

  6. The Animas River disaster will go by the way of Benghazi, Fast and Furious, The IRS scandal, Hillary’s emails and a horde of other scandals that will be just explained away and forgotten

  7. money for fixing things should come out of EPA employees paycheck directly. Not the EPA general funds. That would just mean tax payers get nailed with the bill. Hold individuals financially acountable otherwise the punishment is a joke


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