Minnesota Considers Scrapping Health Insurance Exchange

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FreedomWorks– In King v. Burwell, the Court did not just ignore plain meaning of the words “established by the State,” but opened up a whole new can of worms as well.

After the King decision, states can now get rid of their health exchanges and move their citizens to the federal exchange without forcing them to give up their subsidies. Since insurance exchanges are costly and often more trouble for politicians than they are worth, states may now decide it is better just to shut down their own exchange. Minnesota is considering just this move.

Minnesota’s state exchange, MNsure, has faced billing problems and low enrollment numbers. After the King decision, Representative Matt Dean (R), calls MNsure an “unnecessary problem.”  MORE

5 Comments on Minnesota Considers Scrapping Health Insurance Exchange

  1. Sadly the Republicans appear to the be oblivious to the single payer plan and are willing dupes – again.

    “Republicans have been actively calling for the end of MNsure and a switch to the federal exchange. “We’ve had three years of failures, of failures with MNsure and sometimes in life you just have to admit it failed. It didn’t work,” stated Representative Greg Davids (R). He continued, “[w]e should get over to the federal exchange and stop wasting Minnesotans’ money.””

    So instead of wasting Minnesotan’s money, he’s happy wasting all our money. They really are just as bad as the Dems. *&^$ing REPEAL the whole thing and put everyone involved in *&^$ing jail.


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