Mistletoe Drone Turns into Missile Face

A tiny helicopter flying around a restaurant. What could go wrong?


Mistletoe, flying a drone inside a crowded building, going to a TGI Friday’s—sometimes bad ideas come together to form something greater than themselves.

Sometimes, though, you just get hit in the nose by a drone.

A writer and photographer from the Brooklyn Daily had gone to the TGI Friday’s in that borough’s neighborhood of Sheepshead Bay to check out the Mobile Mistletoe, a drone that carries the romantic flora over the heads of dining couples to put them in the smooching spirit. Things reportedly went awry, though, when the pilot tried to land the drone on the reporter’s head, lost control, and clipped the photographer on the nose.

“It literally chipped off a tip of my nose,” Courier photographer Georgine Benvenuto told her employer. “It took off part of my nose and cut me here, right under my chin.”

Drone operator David Quione blames the reporter for the bloody mishap, saying his flinch sent the aircraft out of control. But I think we all know the real lesson to be learned: You should probably eat at Applebee’s until the aerial warfare of this holiday season has concluded.

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19 Comments on Mistletoe Drone Turns into Missile Face

  1. Attorney Lisa Bloom is preparing to file a gross negligence causing bodily harm suit as soon as she can buy….. er, contact all the victims.

  2. Nothing captures the spirit of the holidays like remote control drones dangling mistletoe.
    I feel blessed that there was no drone dangling over a couple of dudes. I still can’t witness that without horror.
    I know. It’s just me.

  3. But, if they carried around a “Merry Christmas” sign or a picture of Jesus Christ, they’d get sued and there’d be violent demonstrations.

  4. In the sexual harrassment/abuse frenzy currently in this country, mistletoe is a dangerous thing.

  5. Dang. I was hoping to see some nose chopping on the video. Ghoulish? Nah, that’s small stuff. Now, watching the footage of Vic Morrow’s demise might be a bit much…


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