MLB ‘investigating’ Blue Jays’ Kevin Pillar for violating the Ministry of Sensitivity’s speech code


Have you ever played sports? Or been around sports? Have you even gotten close enough to hear the chatter that goes on? If everything that’s said on the field of play was investigated for propriety, well, you’d have a permanent full-employment plan for investigators.

Much of it is crude. Some of it is angry. Most of it is quickly forgotten because it’s in the heat of the moment, and it’s almost never personal. That doesn’t mean it never crosses lines, or that players don’t sometimes regret their words. But for the most part, what’s said on the field is dealt with on the field, and it rarely sparks anything more than a few words in response because participants understand it’s wise not to turn mere words into some sort of war.

But this is 2017, and certain societal groups are out for scalps. Right now, they’re out for the scalp of Kevin Pillar. What did he do? Well...




14 Comments on MLB ‘investigating’ Blue Jays’ Kevin Pillar for violating the Ministry of Sensitivity’s speech code

  1. I played hockey back in the day. The most used taunt to opposing players was “faggot” or “fucking fag” or “you gay fuck” or “cocksucking faggot”….and this is when I played Squirts!

  2. As a former softball league player I’m pretty sure I never called an opponent a faggot. Like I said I am pretty sure. Not 100% on that.
    There were a lot of miserable faggots in the league to be sure. But I’m 94% sure I never said that.

    OK 83%.

    Maybe 62% positive that the faggots I was playing against never heard me call them faggots.

  3. Probably need a Congressional Investigation into this. Like they did with the steroids.

    Where the FUCK they ever got the idea the Federal Government should involve themselves into games that involve balls absolutely flummoxes this old man.

    Sports and National Elected Representatives. Sports for Gods sake! They got involved. We should have bitch slapped everyone involved in this at the time for wasting our attention.

  4. He should have just called him a “homosexual”. I wonder how the league and the LGBT Gestapo would have handled that.

  5. It’s Baseball, not Congress and not Joey Behar so If you didn’t sign up Go Home…Faggggot .

  6. Impeach him. Whoops. Sorry. Just going with the flow of America’s dsire to get rid of Trump.

    Now Trump is ruining baseball.

    BTW pretty sure Nellie Fox, Ty Cobb, and several other players of sterling character never used such language.

    If they really want to clean up baseball then stop the spitting.

  7. Now if he had just refused to stand during the American National Anthem then there would be no problem because of freedom of speech and all that.


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