Moms Need to Take Water Gun Control Seriously!11

Breitbart: In an article focused on advice for mothers, Popsugar magazine warns that water guns should not be allowed in the home because they “normalize” real guns.

The author of the article, Lauren Levy, stresses that her mother had some non-negotiables in their home, and a ban on water guns was one of them.

After recounting how she grew up in a home lacking either water guns or real ones, Levy writes:

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  1. Mom was firm about guns when I was little too. Don’t know how many times me coming back into the house after being in the woods I’d hear, “Is that unloaded?”

    Pretty much stopped after I turned twelve or so.

  2. Water guns are a gateway weapon? Funny, I never became a homicidal nut case. And not only did we have water guns. We had toy guns (a Luger that looked totally real), cap guns, bb guns, and lawn darts.

  3. I enjoyed the comments at Breitbart.

    My kids are in their 30’s. One is an Army helicopter pilot, the other is the software architect for a young company that he started. Both own more guns than I can count. Both were taught proper gun handling at age 11. And, btw, I still have most of the giant water guns they used to play with as kids (hehe). When they visit in the summer on a hot day, we get ’em out.

    That woman is a pansy.

  4. It’s easier to ban a super soaker instead of teaching your child about gun safety.

    Just one more way to pass the buck. Let us know how that works out for you.

  5. She would probably faint if she saw me with my grandson, making guns with our hands and “shooting” one another. Pow, pow, pow!!

  6. Does that also go for glue guns, staple guns, nail guns, and gun(ny) sacks? lol

    Are these people afraid of the elastic in their underwear, too?

  7. I went on a first date yesterday, an online dating app. One of her pics was with a shotgun, so I mentioned something about guns. She asked if I have heard of ‘State of Jefferson’ – she went to a shooting range up there, all sorts of firearms. Later she talked about taking her 13 year old son paintballing, but said he wants to shoot guns now. This one has potential! 🙂

  8. Holy Shit!

    She wrote this. “A “Cuddle Cot” Gave 1 Grieving Mom 3 Extra Days With Her Baby After He Passed Away”.

    Chilling down a dead baby so the mom can “mother” the corpse. This is cuddling derangement. There needs to be some adult supervision applied here pronto.

    The death of a new born is horrendous. We all know that. But pain is to be dealt with. This prolongation of parting is psychotic.

  9. My older brother wanted a rifle so much when he was 10 (our Dad was in the Army). He could have one if he took care of a toy rifle for a set amount of time. He had to handle and store it properly. Dad took us both out to shoot his .45 fairly frequently (I was 6 so it knocked me on my butt more often than not). My brother got his .22 rifle for Christmas and there was never an issue. I do not understand this gnarly woman and her logic is twisted but then Pop Tart guns are illegal now.

  10. If super-soakers freak out Ms. Levy, then I’m sure she’d be horrified to know about the airsoft gunfights my kids and their friends enjoy. They go into the woods, divide into teams, and hunt each other like animals. Hours of fun!

  11. We had em all when I was growing up, squirt guns, BB guns, toy guns such as the Mattel Fanner 50 with greenie stick em caps, lawn darts, real guns like shot guns, rifles etc. and none of my 3 brothers and I turned out to be homicidal maniacs. My grandfather had dynamite for blowing up stumps on his farm. We all learned early to respect guns and about gun safety and the one time my brother forgot to unload his shotgun and left it in the back of an old station wagon we used for hunting he was read the riot act by my Dad and his hunting buddy and he never did it again.

  12. And slingshots like wrist rockets, those things were deadly on small birds, rodents and tin cans, CO2 cartridge powered air guns etc. We did have one dad in the neighborhood who was deadset against guns and wouldn’t allow his sons who were our friends to hang around with us when we went hunting.

  13. @FarmWife = VietVet posted he’s been busy yesterday.

    My daughter knows not to touch any of my weapons until
    she’s trained and she’s good with that. Not even interested
    in playing with them.

  14. “after being in the woods I’d hear, “Is that unloaded?”

    Ditto. At 12. We use to hide in the corn rowes with a savage 22 bolt gun and shoot pheasants in the eye. For two years we ate more Pheasant and Cottontale than store chicken. And every night, open that bolt before you bring that gun inside.

  15. Ms. Levy’s mom also taught her “No ‘personal massagers'”. The plastic one’s might “normalize” real ones. Which are abnormal if not on a woman.

  16. And I guess, in the irrationality of the diseased mind of a “liberal” (National Socialist) that a desire to throw water balloons (regular latex balloons filled with water instead of air or helium) leads one to be an Irish Republican or a filthy fukkin raghead?

    Take on the ragheads, lady, if you have any moxie whatsoever!

    izlamo delenda est …

  17. In the late 60’s my friends and I would ride our dirt bikes out to the country with rifles strapped to the handle bars! This was in SOCAL thru major and minor cities. NEVER stopped once by law enforcement and nobody EVER got shot! What the hell happened to people?

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