Money Bags

Stephen Dennis has pled guilty to stealing 9,800 pounds of quarters worth $196,000 from Brink’s.

 Loose Change and Rolled Quarters


Working as a money processor, Mr. Dennis was able to swap out bags of quarters for those filled with beads with a covering of coins to hide the theft.


 Mr. Dennis has agreed to make full restitution to his employer and faces a felony conviction for his misdeed.




8 Comments on Money Bags

  1. 9800 pounds is $1,967,908.53 — IF the coins were real money, ie, silver. He should sue for the difference.

  2. He was just trying to find a place to stash his beads, from Bernie. Then he had all these quarters, and didn’t know what to do with them. The strippers at his titty bar wouldn’t take them, complained they kept falling out of their thongs.


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