More Optical Illusions (Hey, when they’re good I like them)

Are these table tops the same size and shape in this drawing?

Which line is longer, the blue or the red? Or are they the same length?

See the answers below-

10 Comments on More Optical Illusions (Hey, when they’re good I like them)

  1. But obummer’s presiduncy was also like an MC Escher drawing constantly going nowhere aimlessly in a never ending illusion of going somewhere. Or like Sisyphus pushing a rock up a hill only to have it roll over him over and over forever every time he went up the hill. It was a total exercise in futility.

  2. Yellow tiles – the gap in the center was not magically filled. Notice the black border around the tiles is thicker after the tiles are rotated. The area that filled the gap was just taken from a sliver of the the perimeter.
    Table tops – the image doesn’t include the perspective angle that should be applied in order to simulate depth.
    Red and blue lines – this is an example of where perspective is applied.

  3. Washington illusion: Republicans are pro-Republican, and pro-America, until they trick the public into letting them lead.


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