MSU professor says ‘social justice warriors’ are destroying engineering

WaTimes: A mechanical engineering professor at Michigan State University says “social justice warriors” are destroying the field because they’re injecting social issues where they don’t belong.

Indrek Wichman, who has taught engineering for more than 30 years, told Campus Reform that social issues have “no place in a technical science-based education” where individuals should be judged by their merit.

“The door to engineering is open to everyone, just as the floor of the basketball court is open to everyone, or applying to the [Navy] SEALS is open to everyone,” he said. “The question then is, are you good enough?”

Mr. Wichman penned an essay about the issue last week, arguing that a science-based education should be “blind.”

“Engineering does not care about your color, sexual orientation, or your other personal and private attributes. All it takes to succeed is to do the work well,” he wrote. “Even as an undergraduate many years ago, my engineering classmates and I noticed that fact, and we were proud to have a major that valued only the quality of one’s work. In that sense, engineering was like athletics, or music, or the military: there were strict and impersonal standards.

Mr. Wichman lamented that “a phalanx of social justice warriors, ideologues, egalitarians, and opportunistic careerists has ensconced itself in America’s college and universities. The destruction they have caused in the humanities and social sciences has now reached to engineering.”  more

25 Comments on MSU professor says ‘social justice warriors’ are destroying engineering

  1. So you become a Civil Rights Engineer instead of a Civil Engineer–this is so disturbing. I thought the STEM courses would be somewhat immune to this crap.

  2. Social issues are opinions, with great variance. Science and Engineering are NOT. Based solely on fact, not opinions. These socil buffoons need to stick to underwater basket weaving.

  3. “engineering will be improved if the profession is crafted to be more diverse”

    What a pile of crap. Look what the result of “diversity” has wrought wherever it has been tried.

  4. Engineers make enough mistakes as it is, even doing their best work because it’s a difficult subject.

    People need to ask themselves if they’d be willing to fly on an airplane designed by SJW/diversity engineers – or trust bridges, buildings, ships, trains, steam turbines, nuclear power plants, etc., just because the engineers were “diverse.”

  5. Thank God we reached the Moon before all this SJW bullshit. If it was in present time, the Apollo program would be suspended because it would be deemed as “too white and too male”, or some bullshit like that.

  6. Test question: what design and materials would you use to build a bridge that could withstand a load of 150,000 pounds?

    Answer: How dare you fat shame a bridge! All bridged are beautiful unless they are raping the environment in which they become evil and must be torn down or not allowed to be built in the first place. I don’t know why we are having this discussion in the first place it violates my safe space by forcing me to use patriarchal math invented by a bunch of dead white men.

    New Grading scale: congratulations to our first Phd in Social Civil Engineering.

    If this is how we are to die as a Civilization I must say I’m not impressed. I’d rather go the way of Rome. The idea of SJWs being raped by savages/barbarians in the streets gives me some satisfaction. Not that I would be there, I’ll be at the bunker ready to reennact the Alamo. (if the plan works it will be a different outcome but I digress).

  7. Well, ya, because I wanna virtue signal to all my FB friends that I only fly on jets that were engineered by a diverse group of engineers, right? Right?! ‘Cause that’s the most important part of relying on engineering — that it be diverse and stuff.

    (Like button still not working today. What am I doing wrong? Is there, like, a diverse engineer around to tell me how they feel about the problem?)

  8. It was only a matter of time. Next, they’ll invade math departments, and brow-beat all the staff and students into believing 2+2 = a flower and that an black person who can use a calculator gets a pee each dee.

  9. AA, like button works for me, just takes a second or two to catch. No other indication, like the arrow or little hand thingys.
    I want all the planes I fly on to be 12% black, 1% Hispanic, etc… The plane, not the passengers.

  10. I’m and engineer with 30+ years in the business.
    I see this diversity stuff every day where I work and it doesn’t look good. I recommend to everyone to NEVER purchase newly introduced products. Wait at least a year for manufacturers to discover and rectify design defects.

  11. I may be generalizing but most women who enter the field move into management if they stay in it. I won’t say it is because they are t intelligent, but more of a toy truck versus doll thing, and employing one’s interests in a practical manners.

    The guy google fired was mostly correct.

  12. When I worked for Giant Software Company in Redmond, WA., the place would go NUTS whenever I found a black s/w engineer. NUTS! Fortunately, at that time, there was no discrimination based on skin color, the candidate was put through the same rigorous lineup of interviews based on the same criteria a particular group used. But it did bother me a lot how overly attentive everyone was to a particular person based on their skin color. That all changed when H1-B’s started streaming in.

    (Can you imagine if there was a “White Engineers” Group?)

  13. Science and engineering are based on the “Scientific Method” not new Liturgical Genres’ called Blah-Science.

    The “Scientific Method” is a method of procedure that has characterized natural science since the 17th century, consisting in systematic observation, measurement, and experiment, and the formulation, testing, and modification of hypotheses.

    Take “Climate Change” for example. Do they (so called scientists) do systematic observation? No they fudge the numbers and ignore the ones they don’t like.

    Do they do experiments? Never seen a “Climate Change” experiment in my life have you?

    Do they test their theories? Apparently not, they have all been wrong — but they won’t admit it.

    Do they ever even consider another hypothesis than it’s man made, white men are guilty, and corporations must die? Nope, always the same hypothesis.

    Q.E.D. – Alpha M.

  14. @Pelopidas(also the name of my favorite great uncle!):

    Loved your comment!

    My younger son was a mechanical design engineer. His last assignment was to re-design waste treatment systems in Poland (too many bends in poor quality piping–thus rusting out and spilling nasty sewage) before he was killed in a car accident there. It was a tough job, but not for him–he was intensely intelligent and loved the challenge of mechanical design engineering. Previously, he had worked on the same type of thing in and other countries.

    Engineering requires intelligence and the desire for making life better for all of us!

    Social justice garbage simply has no place–never will! Actually, it’s nothing more than an EVIL DISTRACTION from all that is GOOD in our world!!!

  15. 45 years ago, when I was in college, we had no women in the engineering classes. Nobody said they couldn’t, they just didn’t want to, and/or didn’t have the aptitude for it. The current push to get more women into STEM curricula and professions will have to result in lowering of standards and affirmative action. And society will suffer as a result. I have know some good women engineers, but they are few and far between.

  16. The past 50 years they infiltrated politics, gubmint, media, academia, science, now they’re in the full throes of infiltrating engineering and marketing. Rocket to Mars. Go. Please go. Make us really jealous of you all that were chosen to go. We promise we will cry jealous tears. Just please…



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