Mug Shot Chic

Lily Tomlin was recently seen sporting a purse with the 1970 mugshot of Jane Fonda printed on it.

Fonda was arrested for drug smuggling in a Cleveland airport in 1970. The pills, labeled B L and D, she was carrying were vitamins (breakfast, lunch and dinner.)

What is the symbolism of wearing this? That she, along with thousands and thousands of people who were falsely arrested, are martyrs? Martyrs for what?

What’s worse than Tomlin wearing this image?

Fonda, herself.

Listen, Jane, you might’ve been falsely arrested for drug smuggling, but you skated on this treason –>

So, I’d cool it with the martyr act.

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  1. Yeah, well what’s she done lately?, oh, I know…a jazzersize video 30 years ago. How long does someone get to capitalize on something they did 50 years ago? All of em suffer from arrested development.

  2. I’m not fonda of Hanoi Jane in shape, matter or form. As for Lily Tomlin, I used to think that she was funny in Harry and Tonto and such but not anymore. They just both need to go away, far, far away where we never hear from either one of them ever again. And as for Jane I’ll be one of countless Vietnam vets standing in line to piss on her grave.

  3. Henry Fonda should have not spared the rod. Peter Fonda was a wayward rebel too, as I recall.
    I guess Henry was too busy making money to raise his offspring.

  4. Back when, Hanoi Jane spoke to some group at a suburban Chicago community college. My sign: “Hanoi Jane deserves communist style justice. ”

    My sign and I hit the suburban newspapers – the only pic for the story. That was before newspapers became traitors also.

  5. Geoff and Cato,
    I’ll be right behind you, chugging a bottle/can of something cheap to contribute to the flow of Hanoi Jane’s Yellow River.

  6. Tomlin’s a dyke and Hanoi Jane should have don’t hard time for giving aid and comfort to the enemy with her treasonous activities in North Viet Nam. I wish nothing good for both of them.

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