Muslim woman wanted to kill her American female coworkers for ‘wearing shorts to work’…

Citizen Free Press:

Via Twitter: ‘Sterling, Virginia FBI Raid: Sean Andrew Duncan arrested, allegedly tried to obstruct FBI investigation into support of ISIS. Per court records he may have been radicalized after converting to Islam. FBI told he was interested in joining ISIS and attacking USA.’

Update 2, Sterling VA FBI raid: Sean Andrew Duncan, suspected of supporting ISIS, allegedly gave advice on making bombs. When his home was raided Friday, court docs say he ran out the back door, tossing a baggie with a thumb drive that had been snapped into pieces. Was arrested.

Update 3, Sterling VA FBI raid: Sean Andrew Duncan allegedly shared link to bomb-making instructions with a woman who tried to join ISIS. He allegedly shared it because she was upset at work over “women wearing shorts that exposed their bodies” & wanted to do something about it.  MORE HERE

17 Comments on Muslim woman wanted to kill her American female coworkers for ‘wearing shorts to work’…

  1. I understand the whole “Muslim. Bad.” thing. But American womyn in shorts? Who hasn’t thought an explosive device would be wonderful? Because a flame thrower would cause a grease conflagration.

  2. Every muslim in America should be thoroughly vetted, even those already approved. No way of knowing how many came in during the treasonous gay Kenyan commie’s tenure, who want us destroyed. Ass holes upset over a woman’s exposed legs but think nothing of raping children, having sex with farm animals, and homo relations when all else fails.

  3. In this day and age I’d be very wary and nervous working side by side with an orthodox muslim. I’d always be thinking they are a ticking time bomb just waiting to go off.

  4. Wanting to kill your co-worker because of the evil stupidity in your own head and not because she did anything to harm you.
    We are can’t not worthy to fathom their religion of peace schtick.


    They rallied for mini-skirts and burned bras, where are the pussy-hat marchers now?


  6. Where are@

    I saw a little hottie the other day and offered her a match in case she wanted to burn her bra. I even offered to hold it for her while she set it on fire! She said no thanks as her bra cost her a princely $5.00 bucks at the 7-11!

  7. I thought that close up picture of a women in a bag was the backside of a pair of black shorts.

    Someone would make a fortune if they designed a pair of black women’s shorts with that image across the back side.


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