My Childhood Fear Makes a Reappearance in the News


(NEWSER) – A grisly mystery in London has police searching for answers. The Independent reports a 70-year-old man named John Nolan was walking near his home Sept. 17 when he burst into flames. Emergency services were called for a “man ablaze” while bystanders tried to put out the fire. The retired construction worker later died at the hospital from “horrific” burns, according to the Telegraph. His relatives say even his internal organs had burned. Despite months of investigation, officials have found no source of ignition or sign of an accelerant and have no suspects. Police say that interviews with witnesses don’t indicate Nolan “had been in contact with another person at the time of the fire.”

The Telegraph raises the specter of spontaneous human combustion, which it says is “a fiercely debated process” with only 200 deaths ever attributed to it.


One possible explanation could be MUSLIMS.

They set the guy on fire.

The stuff of my nightmares—>

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  1. Once read a claim that in all the recorded cases, the deceased were self-pickled drunks. Don’t know if that’s actually true but if it is, one wonders if they somehow turned themselves into a walking can of Sterno.

  2. In every other case that I read about the victims were smokers or there was a source of fire. Not here they say, so it could only be muslims. There, that was easy.

  3. I read too many of my dad’s magazines like True or Argosy that had stories about spontaneous human combustion when I was a kid that creeped me out as well about going up in flames. I don’t know if they were true or not but it sure made me think about it and that probably wasn’t a good thing since I had an overactive imagination.

  4. Spontaneous combustion is rare thankfully. Used to scare me when I first heard of it. Not I wonder why people like Maxine Waters are not going up in flames.

  5. I wasn’t scared of myself bursting into flames, but spontaneous combustion of hay in a barn was common. I was always scared I was going to walk into the barn and it would burst into flames and I’d get caught inside. I was always just a little afraid I’d be carrying a bale of hay and it would burst into flames.

  6. @grool – if that’s the case we can expect Hillary to burst into flames and launch like a Roman candle. I guess that’s where the phrase “flaming asshole” comes from.

  7. Humans are 70% to 75% + water.
    Our total electrical charge is minuscule.

    There’s plenty of people I’d like to see burst into flames.
    But I think the Physics is against it.

  8. Human dies of other causes next to a drying heat source. The body dehydrates and fat concentrates. An ignition source (usually the same heat source) sets into a candle-like slow, hot burn. Spontaneous Human Combustion explained.

    This was muzloids. This was Britain’s Big Brother. This is a nation half-full of morons blinded by multi cultism.

  9. There is also a thing called fake news. This is right up there with Big Foot and alien (the outerspace kind) abductions.

  10. Charles Dickens mentions spontaneous human combustion in his novel Bleak House. I must say, it seems most unlikely.
    It is generally agreed that combustion requires fuel, oxidizer and a source of ignition.
    The human body provides a poor choice of fuel, actually very difficult to ignite, even when struck by lightning.
    I imagine clothing might catch fire under certain circumstances.
    You will note that until recently there was widespread belief in witchcraft, ghosts, mediums, voices from beyond the grave etc.
    (And similarly, there persists a belief in Socialism…)

    I’ll leave you with this:


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