“Name A Song You Shouldn’t Play During Sex”

h/t Jerry Manderin

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  1. Three words you’ll very often hear on a golf course but never, ever hear in a whorehouse?
    Think about it, I’ll be back after a make myself a drink.

  2. Uncle Al, why would I be playing Umma Gumma by Pink Floyd when I’m having sex? Not unless I was really stoned or flying high on some psychedelic drugs and even then no. I might also suggest anything with sitar music (like parts of On the Threshold Of A Dream by the Moody Blues) as something not to play while getting laid, just because.

  3. Tommy,
    Where you on the wrong green? Forgot to pull the pin before you tried to put it in? Spent to much time in the ruff? Not enough head speed on your down stroke?

  4. One of my Dad’s favorite songs, Wolverton Mountain. Since you threw in a Hank Snow song Miller’s Cave I’ll throw in another Hank Snow song, 90 Miles Per Hour Down a Deadend Street about the effects of adultery.

  5. Can anyone last long enough to make it all the way thru Inna Gadda Da Vida or Bolero by Ravel. How about Time Has Come Today by The Chambers Brothers. And one of my favorite short Buddy Holly songs, Oh Boy with just enough time for a quickie. Well All Right by Buddy Holly would also work, it’s one of his more underrated but great songs. And Green Grass And High Tides by The Outlaws.

  6. Any song at all by the Butthole Surfers, especially live recordings when they appeared under these names:

    — Ed Asner Is Gay,
    — Fred Astaire’s Asshole,
    — The Right To Eat Fred Astaire’s Asshole,
    — The Inalienable Right To Eat Fred Astaire’s Asshole, or
    — Ashtray Babyheads


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