Nancy, can you please repeat that?

Nancy Pelosi repeatedly slurs, flubs name of Capitol honoree Lin-Manuel Miranda.

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  1. What is with these hand and arm motions? They’re getting wilder. This was especially noticable on her “That’s an applause line” commands.

  2. Hey, let’s be fair here. That happens when you’re half in the bag. I mean, she knows that she’s presided over the destruction of the Democrat Party, her priest won’t be giving her a “get out of hell free card” anytime soon and her husband hasn’t shared her bed in decades so why not have a bowl of Cheerios with Gin for breakfast and a bottle or three of wine for lunch before giving a speech.


    I told you all this woman will receive her golden honorary Republican Hall of Fame jacket some day.

    Don’t be so quick to want to yank people who are shooting themselves in the foot.

    I also hope Hillary’s “I’m-a-victim-and-it’s-everyone-else’s-fault” tour goes on until 2020. Shut her up? Are you kidding! Keep talking, it’s pure GOLD!

  4. What should really scare you is that “Nancy Pelosi” the political entity still has great power and knows how to use it despite the fact that “Nancy Pelosi” the person is a hollow shell or facade. Those who are running the office can continue to do so as long as they can at least occasionally trot out their namesake. That needn’t be done often and the performance standards for it are astonishingly low. See also Clinton, Hillary.

  5. After someone’s comment yesterday, researched stages of Alzheimer’s. Whomever figured out she was stage three was spot on. Like Robert Byrd, she’ll stay where she is until her last breath. Great news for Republicans.


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