National Dog Week

This is National Dog Week, so, in honor of the occasion we are going to focus on pain relief.

Lately I’ve been having trouble sleeping because of a shoulder injury. I’ve been working on some things to alleviate the pain– exercise, hot/cold, anti-inflammatories and stretching. It’s helping. But imagine you are a dog and you’re in pain. How do you tell someone about it?

Well, turns out they do tell you. You just have to know how they are communicating it.

Here are the signs.


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  1. When was the last time you had a chiropractic adjustment? My shoulder/upper arm pain was caused by that nerve bundle that is affected by the cervical vertebrae, or I should say that pinched/stretched nerve bundle. Up ’til chiro, I’d tried everything — deep muscle massage, imobility, etc. — nothing helped. After first adjustment, pain subsided substantially and ended a few adjustments later. Just a suggestion.

  2. Abigail Adams is right. I had what I thought was a horribly painful shoulder problem that made my entire right arm feel like it was on fire. After days of ibuprofen and heating pad use— that didn’t touch the pain I had– I went to the doc who said I had a pinched nerve in my neck. Prednisone and Hydrocodone were prescribed, and I finally got relief. Had I known initially it was nerve-related, I would’ve gone the chiropractic route. Not a fan of the meds above, but after days of no sleep because of the pain, I was desperate for relief and got it.

  3. The article wisely mentions dental health. My son is a veterinarian and brought home Virbac C.E.T. Enzymatic Dental Chews for my Labrador Retriever who had some staining and plaque developing on his teeth even with regular tooth brushing. The chews transformed his teeth within about 2 weeks–they’re white and beautiful again. I give him a couple chews/day, which he loves, and buy them at Amazon.

  4. Vixen — I didn’t try the cortisone shots although it was suggested by a friend. I was amazed when I saw the nerve map of the body and saw that the pain I was experiencing coordinated precisely with that particular group of nerves. Chiro doc explained how the cervical vertebrae lose their natural ‘S’ curve and stretch those nerves. I couldn’t use my arm at all — couldn’t even rest on elbow on anything without incredible pain even though it seemed like it was my shoulder causing it.

  5. I give my chocolate Labrador one pill a day of Osteo Bi-flex , and it helps Tremendously ! It helps me too… I swear by the stuff , I HAD painful Arthritis in my hands that was nearly unbearable and it’s barely there now !

  6. @AbigailAdams: YES!! You describe the kind of pain I had EXACTLY. I didn’t have the shots but was given Prednisone in pill form. I wasn’t enthused about taking a steroid, but after just one dose I had relief after days of suffering. In addition to the arm pain, it felt like I had a screwdriver embedded in my back next to my shoulder blade. The pain was off the charts! It took about 2 weeks to get back to normal.

  7. Vixen — So glad to know you found a cure, too! Such a strange thing, huh? I have so little faith in alopathic docs. It seems the never focus on the cause. Pain is so debilitating and demoralizing. I feel sad for people who have to live with chronic pain — what a hell it must be. I couldn’t imagine not having the use of my right arm and at the time I was only about 50.

  8. I give my dogs Nutrex spirulina tablets, turmeric-(dose by weight), fish oil and coconut oil. As they get older I will start them on Ubiquinol, the better form of CQ10. All of that good to fight inflammation. My hubby and I take that stuff too. There is a lot of information on the internet on natural supplements for dogs. The Ottawa Dog Whisperer web sight is packed with ideas to keep our furry friends healthy.

  9. My dogs eat food that contains duck because it’s better for allergies. I also give her 4mg of Chlorpheniramine. My Dachshund has a slightly elevated liver enzyme problem so Denamarin helps with that. As for pain (temporary) my vet told me that Benadryl’s side effect is pain relief. That’s true for humans, too. And vitamin B6 chewables don’t hurt either. Pets and people. lol

  10. irony curtain September 25, 2017 at 10:08 am

    I’m waiting for National Take Your Neighbor’s Two Annoying Mentally Ill Dogs and Drop Them Off On A Remote Deserted Island Week.

    First rule of taking care of annoying neighbor cats and dogs: Never complain about them.

    “Sure, I’ll help you look for your dogs.”

  11. I found out my dachshund had a heart attack by picking him up and he yelped for the fist time is his 13 year life. Vet managed to to keep him going for another 17 months with meds but he has a second heart attack during an ice storm when there was no way to get him to the Vet.

  12. @irony curtain: I once heard about an irritating neighborhood dog that somehow found and ingested some automobile antifreeze mixed into hamburger meat, with dire results. Where it came from, Heaven knows.

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