Nazis Killed Her Husband – So She Bought a Tank and Went On a Rampage

War History Online: They say that “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.” But if you take her love away, it gets a helluva lot worse – something the Germans would find out the hard way.

Mariya Vasilyevna was born on August 16, 1905, in Crimea as one of ten children. Coming from a family of dirt poor peasants, she was a serf – which is a fancy word for slave. As such, they could neither go anywhere nor do anything without their landlord’s permission.

It was hardly surprising, therefore, that she took to Communism like a fish to water. Awful though that may sound to the rest of us, it freed her from a life of indentured bondage and allowed her to get an education, a job in a cannery, and later, work as a telephone operator.

Then in 1925, she met the love of her life – Ilya Oktyabrskaya. The Russian Empire had given way to the Soviet Union three years before, and Ilya was a Soviet army officer who must have taken her on interesting dates because Mariya became fascinated with the military.

She joined the “Military Wives Council,” trained as an army nurse, learned how to drive cars (unusual for women back then), and how to use different weapons. She once wrote to her sister and said, “Marry a serviceman and you serve in the army.”

Despite their best efforts, the couple couldn’t have children, but they at least had each other. And they comforted themselves with the sincere belief that they were helping to build a new and better country for their people. It was almost perfect.Until June 22, 1941.

Wanting to increase German territory and destroy communism, Hitler ordered the invasion of Russia – known as Operation Barbarossa. It involved 3.8 million German personnel, 3,350 tanks, 2,770 planes, and 7,200 artillery pieces – making it the largest invasion in history.

Hitler had originally made a pact with Stalin to keep the Soviet Union out of the war. While it lulled the Soviets into a false sense of security, they nevertheless prepared for an invasion. Yet when it came, they were still taken by surprise. Keep Reading


14 Comments on Nazis Killed Her Husband – So She Bought a Tank and Went On a Rampage

  1. No at all surprising.

    A woman at work got demoted, and I just figured she would automatically kill everyone in the place.

  2. It’s important to be very careful with these stories of extreme Soviet Patriotism and Heroism from the Great Patriotic War. Some certainly did happen, but usually not to the extent that they are told and retold with a bit of embellishments.
    Having 55,000 Rubles in 1941 would have been unfathomable for any Soviet Citizen to have (even as a net worth),let along an average Red Army Officer.

  3. Compare that to some women of today whose answer to what they consider adversity is to put on a pink pussy hat, sit in a public place, and scream.

  4. Hitlers’ downfall.

    When’s merkel reign of terror going to end?

    If you saw my wife husk a coconut with a machete, you’d respect her too……

  5. Now it’s too bad beetles killed my 7 coconut trees. Fresh water and meat from them was great.

    We’re going citrus, but I’m still pissed off. I loved my coconuts.

  6. @Reboot

    Pest control is more important to the human existence than the average person realizes.

    We protect people, property, and food. Nature starve, kill or give great discomfort to billions without it.

  7. “Hitler had originally made a pact with Stalin to keep the Soviet Union out of the war.”

    And divvy up Poland.

    The “Secret Protocol” always seems to be left out. The Soviets invaded Poland 17 days after did the Germans, but, surprisingly, the UK failed to declare war on them (Soviets) as provided in their (UK/Poland) mutual defense treaty.

    Funny how that shit works, ain’t it?

    Oh, and the Limeys returned their (and our) fighting Polish allies to the tender mercies of the Soviets at the end of the war – who were promptly executed.

    Either way (whether the story is embellished or strictly factual), I’m glad she bought a tank and killed Krauts. Fuck em.

    izlamo delenda est …

  8. Another good read is “The Night Witches” Soviet Women flying old

    Biplanes and bombing nazi positions every night to keep them from

    sleeping….I have an Article on it..but just moved into new

    digs and can’t find sh*t !!!!

  9. like Anon said, most of these stories are embellish Soviet propaganda bullshit, Vasily Zaytsev included
    … like Obama is a good golfer & basketball player


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