NBC Will Show Kneelers During the Super Bowl

Adweek: The controversy over NFL national anthem protests dominated the first half of the football season, prompting some nervous advertisers to threaten to pull their spots if coverage persisted. Those demonstrations have since tapered off, but if they recur during Super Bowl LII on Feb. 4, NBC said it won’t hesitate to spotlight it on-air for the telecast’s 100-million-plus viewers.  read more


29 Comments on NBC Will Show Kneelers During the Super Bowl

  1. Don’t care what the pampered social justice thugs do, wherever they are.
    I’ll not be participating in any form, anywhere, at any time.

    And those that do can take a knee and kiss my patriotic, pro-USA, MAGA, lily, white ass.

  2. Way to protect the value of your respective brands NBC & NFL. I’m glad that I never got an MBA – it apparently makes you unable to make business decisions that aren’t completely retarded.

  3. don’t really give a crap what they show … ’cause I won’t be watching

    (for the first time …. ever!)

    congratulations, you’ve destroyed your product

  4. Haven’t watched a single NFL game this year. Removed any NFL specific channels from customized channel list. Turn off my radio when the local station starts discussing any NFL teams / players /games. I’ve never in recent years made it a point to watch the entire Super Bowl. This year I won’t watch any of it. Not a smidgin. I don’t even read the NFL draft prospects of instate university players. The only NFL related thing I’ve looked at since the kneeling started are the post on iotwR.

  5. @Blink ~ plain & simple, NBC wants you to watch …. if it means you’ll turn on just to rant & rave over the stupid kneelers, so be it ….

    eyeballs on the screen are revenue … don’t fall for it

  6. I’m only interested in the scores. If I win a quarter I’ll be happy and I’ll send IOTW a few bucks. But I won’t be watching the display of well padded millionaires hitting each other over a phucking football while thousands of young
    Americans in bullet vests are suffering in shitholes
    throughout the world. And for what? Phuck Phutball and the NFL

  7. RadioMattM: We already have. Go to Church, Go to brunch. Go to diner with the family. Watch Rush Limbaugh repeats on 24/7. Stick with IOTW for an hour or so. Avoid the news broadcasts. Visit a cemetery. Take a ride in the country. Enjoy America. It’s such a wonderful place to be. So much to do, so little time.

  8. The days of Vince Lombardi and other Greats are long gone.
    What we have today are a bunch of politically correct pussies in charge. There is no “fight for what’s right” left among the NFL bosses. If 50 million Americans just stopped watching the Super Bowl, that would send a message.
    Maybe even save the country.

  9. I wonder whether CBS is going to telecast the kneelers in an effort to raise the number of viewers. The viewers have dropped 18% over the last two seasons and you can bet that the networks are looking for some sort of refund because you can be damned sure the ad buyers are demanding a lower rate because their customers are demanding the same thing.

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